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November 5, 2018

3 Unconventional Ways to Use Glass in Your Home

The world of window design has a deeper creative undercurrent than some might think, and this extends all the way to decorative glasswork, too. Everyone has a mirror above the bathroom sink, and we’ve all seen glass table tops before, but beyond that, how else does glass feature in a home?
Glass is practical, but often underused – or misused – in décor. There’s no shortage of common areas to place glass fixtures, so today we’ll explore some stranger ones. If you’re planning on redecorating or renovating, browse this article for inspiration!


If you want to bring your kitchen into the modern age, why not try a glass backsplash?

There are a number of different ways to use glass instead of tiles in your kitchen. Tinting or frosting glass can boost its character and really help it become a cohesive element within your kitchen’s overall aesthetic, especially if you lean toward neutral palettes. Alternatively, using panels of glass to cover painted surfaces is a great way to get intricate designs that still function as a backsplash.


Rather than hanging art, filling oddly shaped or ornate frames with mirrors by custom-cutting them to fit is a fantastic option for wall décor. If you don’t want to highlight one large mirror, you can also explore the idea of grouping several together. This way, the dimensions of your wall space open up to all sorts of possibilities.
Hanging mirrors is also a great way to make your spaces seem bigger than they really are. Despite being a well-known optical illusion, using mirrors to enlarge rooms is still an underutilised interior-design trick.
Other ways to use glass in a decorative context is to use glass tiling around your fireplace, if you have one, or as a faux-window above the mantlepiece. This look works best in homes that employ a distinct, rural aesthetic.


Mirrors are expected in the bedroom. Whether you have a mirror over your bedroom dresser, or a full-length mirror by your wardrobe, they are a well-established staple of bedroom design. In order to break the mould, you have to get creative – try turning mirrors into mirror mosaics, or using a faux-window where you would expect a mirror.
Mirrored furniture is also an option, though it’s worth mentioning that you should try not to overdo it - you don’t want your room to blind you every time you walk in. Pick one or two statements pieces, and stick with those.

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