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Retrofit Double Glazing

Retrofit Double Glazing has been our main focus since the beginning, so it is safe to say we are knowledgeable and skilled in this area.

You may be tired of high energy bills or struggling to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Perhaps you wake up to condensation and dampness on your windows every morning. Double Glazing is an effective solution for all these issues. If you have been considering double-glazing but do not want to replace your current joinery, it is time to speak with our team at Atlas Glass. We can easily retrofit your current windows with perfect double-glazed ones. We specialise in retrofitting double-glazing into your existing timber joinery, allowing you to experience the benefits of modern window technology without changing the aesthetic of your home.

Our retrofit double glazing provides a cosy and convenient home environment at a much lower cost than a complete replacement. So, if you are ready to say goodbye to chilly winters and sweltering summers, and hello to energy efficiency, contact us today!

The Retrofit Difference

Whether you decide to update your current frames or install double glazing in new timber joinery, the double-glazed unit inside the frame remains the same. The difference lies in the installation process.

When opting for new timber joinery, you will collaborate with a joiner. This is often the preferred choice if your existing joinery cannot be salvaged, if you have added an extension to your home, or if you are constructing a new building. Our team works in the background with the joiner, architect, or builder to ensure that you have the finest glass product for your project. We will then measure and install the unit at the joiner's facility. Subsequently, the joiner will deliver the completed unit to your site, and the builder will often manage the installation.

With Retrofit Double Glazing, we modify your existing timber frames at your home. We address any rot we encounter along the way and install a brand-new double-glazed unit. Additionally, we place new timber beading to ensure that the frames are weathertight and fit the new hardware. Before we depart, our team cleans up and restores your home to its original condition. You will receive a reminder to paint your frames to seal them and validate your warranty. And just like that, you will have more energy-efficient modern glass, a cosier home, and it will all remain visually unchanged. It is pure magic!

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All the Benefits of Double Glazing, plus ...

We have compiled a fantastic list outlining the advantages of Double Glazing, which we highly recommend you read here. Additionally, by opting for Retrofit Double Glazing, you will enjoy not only the benefits of double glazing but also the following ...

Save Money

The expense of retrofitting your current windows is usually much lower compared to installing new window frames with double glazing, since you won't have to spend money on carpenters and construction workers.

Save Time

In the majority of situations, the wait for new carpentry is usually extended, but we can frequently substitute your windows and glass panes swiftly and without any difficulty.

Save the Planet

By retaining your current frames, you are taking a significant step towards waste reduction. Okay, you may not single-handedly save the planet, but you will be making a valuable contribution.

Work with the Best

We have extensive experience and specialise in retrofitting timber frames, so you can rely on us to do an excellent job and ensure that your home remains in capable hands. We provide free quotes, so please reach out to our friendly team today to discuss the optimal choices for your home.

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