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UV-Blocking Windows & UV Window Protection NZ

Atlas Glass provides the right window and glass solutions for your solar control and window insulation needs. New Zealand sun is notorious for its harmful UV rays and their damaging effects, and we are constantly reminded to protect our skin to prevent skin cancers. But as a homeowner, you also need to think about protecting your home interior from the sun’s UV rays.

As Auckland’s double-glazing specialists, we’re equipped to provide the very best UV window protection NZ has to offer. Discuss your UV reduction needs with an Atlas Glass team member today!

Specialists in UV Window Protection in NZ

Household items and materials such as artwork, carpet, and fabrics can be damaged and fade due to repeated exposure to the heat and light emitted by the sun. Although you cannot completely prevent your home furnishings from fading, laminated glass can dramatically reduce the rate of the damage caused by UV radiation—but not at the expense of the growth of your house plants!

Quality Laminated Glass for UV Protection

To help protect your home interior from harmful UV rays, Atlas Glass can supply and install specialised laminated glass. This is produced by sealing together two panes of glass with a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral). This not only reduces the sun damage in your home caused by excess heat and glare, it also doubles as a safety feature. If the glass is broken, the PVB laminate will help to hold it together.

Reach out to Atlas Glass for the best laminated glass & UV protection in NZ.

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