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Insulating Glass Unit Warranty (IGU)

Nationwide Glass Limited trading as Atlas Glass warrant that all insulating glass units manufactured by Atlas Glass are,

  1. Fit for purposes for which they are commonly supplied.
  2. Are free from defects to the extent referenced in the AS/NZS4667 and 4666 Standards.

Atlas Glass warrant that for a period of 10 years from the date of manufacture, units will not develop material obstruction of vision because of dust or film formation on the internal glass surfaces caused by the failure of the hermetic seal. If units suffer failure, Atlas Glass will resupply as supply only replacements the defective units to the original point of order.

Where Atlas Glass has installed the units the removal and re installation will be covered by Atlas Glass however with regards to timber glazing this will not extend to refinishing/ painting of the timber joinery. If the joinery has been glazed in joiners store the warranty is treated as supply only and units will be re supplied to joiner's store only and costs of installation will be borne by purchaser.


  1. Failure of the seal is caused by the breaking or fracture of any portion of glass, this includes thermal breakage and spontaneous toughened glass breakage.
  2. The units are damaged by improper handling, storage, glazing or through exposure to or contact with chemicals not compatible with the secondary sealant.
  3. The units are altered in anyway including the addition of tinted or obscure films.
  4. Spontaneous tempered glass breakage.
  5. The units are subjected to abnormal stresses from load application of heat, excessive vibration, building or foundation movement subsidence or failure to provide adequate expansion or contraction provisions in the framing.
  6. The units are glazed with materials that do not remain resilient for the warranty period in particular the joinery must be maintained to joinery manufacturers standards. Refer to the separate warranty and care instructions provided by Joinery Supplier.
  7. The units are installed in circumstances that do not provide total water repellence or in a suitable water drainage system for the warranty period, or where units have been exposed to prolong contact with water.
  8. Units incorporating lead lights or other similar artworks are not covered.

Normal visual characteristics such as deflection, reflection, brewsters fringes, hazing of Low E products, preferential wetting patterns as outlined in AS/NZS4666 4667 are not considered defects. The Buyer acknowledges that it is a requirement of this warranty, that Atlas Glass has the right to inspect and establish to its satisfaction that the claimed defect or failure is in accordance with the warranty and that all conditions have been met.

If the buyer is a consumer and acquired the products for personal use, then any remedies stated in this warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies of the consumer under any applicable laws relating to the product and the supply being made. Subject to any limitations in the consumer guarantees act 1993 and any other applicable legislation.

This warranty shall be governed by and interpreted according to the laws of New Zealand