July 3, 2023

How to Clean Double-Glazed Windows

The benefits of double glazing are understated. From offering better insulation to improved energy efficiency, there are many ways that double glazing can improve your home and quality of life. However, to prolong their lifespan, you need to keep them clean. Cleaning double-glazed windows might seem daunting, but you can do it quickly and easily in a few simple steps. We show you how to clean double-glazed windows with helpful tips to keep them looking and functioning at their best.

The Benefits of Regular Cleaning

Improved Aesthetics

Clean windows enhance the appearance of your home or office, making it more inviting and pleasant.

Prolonged Lifespan

Dirt and grime can damage your double-glazed windows over time. Regular cleaning can prolong the lifespan of your windows.

Reduced Health Risks

Dirty windows can lead to mould growth, which can be hazardous to your health, especially if you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems. Regular cleaning helps prevent the growth of mould and other harmful organisms on the outside of the panes and on your frame. 

Increased Property Value

Clean, well-maintained windows can increase the value of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers or renters.

Materials Needed

The gap between the two panes of glass in double-glazed windows is sealed, so focus on cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces of the glass. You will need the following:

- Bucket

- Sponge

- Squeegee

- Microfiber cloth

- Glass cleaner or a mild solution of warm water and a mild detergent, such as dish soap. 

- Ladder (if necessary)

Before Cleaning

There are some safety precautions you must take before starting the cleaning process. Wear gloves and prepare your chosen cleaning solution by following the instructions on the label of your glass cleaner or by mixing equal parts dish soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals like abrasive or acidic cleaners, as these can scratch or damage the glass, window frames, or seals.

Steps to Cleaning Your Double-Glazed Windows

1. Remove dirt or debris from the windows using a dry cloth or brush.

2. Apply the cleaning solution to the windows using a sponge. Make sure to cover the entire surface of the window.

3. Use a squeegee to remove the cleaning solution from the windows. Start at the top of the window and work your way down in a vertical motion. Wipe the squeegee blade with a cloth after each stroke to avoid streaks.

4. Wipe the edges of the window frames and sills with a microfiber cloth. Make sure to remove any remaining dirt or debris.

5. Dry the windows using a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Make sure to wipe the entire surface of the window to avoid streaks.

Easy Maintenance Tips

· Regularly wipe down the windows with a microfiber cloth or vacuum the frames and sills to prevent dirt and grime build-up.

· Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrub brushes that can scratch the glass or damage the seals.

Experience the Benefits of Double Glazing with Atlas Glass

Cleaning double-glazed windows is easy once you know the steps. By following our step-by-step guide on how to clean double-glazed windows, you can keep your windows looking their best and functioning correctly for years.

Atlas Glass provides a range of double-glazed window options to suit your needs and preferences. Not only can you enjoy greater comfort and energy efficiency in your home, but you can also add aesthetic appeal with timber joinery.

Contact Atlas Glass today to learn more and start experiencing the benefits of double-glazing wooden frames.

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