July 3, 2023

How to Paint Glass Windows

Painting glass windows is an easy DIY project that can add privacy and decoration to your home. Whether you want to create a colourful design or add a frosted effect for more privacy, window painting is an affordable and creative way to update your living space.

Upgrade your timber double-glazed windows in a fun and easy manner as we guide you through how to paint glass windows step-by-step. Learn about this activity here, from choosing the materials to drying and finishing your final product!

What You Will Need

Before getting started, you must gather some essential materials:


Different paints will produce a variety of finishes and effects in your window art. Temporary options like washable window paint or tempera paint are perfect for use with kids, while water-based acrylic paints are semi-permanent and longer-lasting. Specialised glass paint will adhere to your window after curing without peeling, fading, or chipping for a more permanent solution.

Painter’s tape

You must use tape to protect the areas around the glass window that you don’t want to paint, such as the window frame.


Choose brushes suitable for the type of paint you are using and the size of the window you want to paint. Small fine-tip brushes are ideal for smaller details, while sponge brushes work well with a stencil.

Preparing Your Windows

Making the appropriate preparations before painting your glass windows is crucial to ensure a smooth and long-lasting finish. Clean the glass surface with glass cleaner and microfibre cloth before applying painter’s tape to the areas you want to protect. Lay down tarps or cloth to prevent paint from staining other surfaces.

Try These Painting Techniques

Brush strokes

Use a small brush to create strokes in the desired design or pattern. Get creative and let your inner artist shine with custom designs that reflect your style. For a translucent effect, use a dry brush or add a small amount of water to the paint before application.


Use stencils to create more complex designs or patterns. Tape the stencil to the glass surface and paint the design with a small brush.


For larger glass surfaces, use a spray paint designed for glass surfaces to create a more uniform finish. Otherwise, let loose and practice your calligraphy or lettering for a rough spray-painted graffiti-like finish.

Finishing Up

Once you’ve painted the glass window, leave it for 24 hours to dry completely before removing the painter’s tape or touching up any areas. If you want your painting project to last, apply a clear coat designed for glass surfaces to protect your masterpiece. 

Pick a High-Quality Canvas

Painting glass windows is a simple and fun DIY project that can add colour and style to your living space. With our guide, you can easily transform your plain glass windows into works of art.

Before you begin, you’ll need a high-quality and functional glass window as your base to ensure your art lasts as long as possible. As the most reputable glaziers in Auckland, Atlas Glass can provide that for you. We offer custom retrofit double-glazing options for your home’s existing and new timber joinery.

Talk to us for a free consultation on a suitable solution for your home today.

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