May 25, 2021

Upgrading Your Villa with Retrofit Double Glazing

Villas in New Zealand feature an old-world style with traditional yet sophisticated design elements, inspired by the aesthetics of the early 1900s. While they certainly exude grandeur and charm, villas can benefit greatly from contemporary touches.

If you’re looking to upgrade your villa with more modern design elements, our professional team at Atlas Glass can make it happen! A good place to start is with your windows and retrofit double glazing is a great way to retain the character of your beautiful villa’s exterior and its existing joinery whilst making the inside of your home warmer and quieter. Below, we share the benefits of upgrading your villa with retrofit double glazing.

Enjoy a quieter home

Villas are generally a lot more spacious than ordinary homes. While high ceilings are elegant and luxurious design-wise, the larger the space, the more noise can echo. Double glazed windows with noise reduction capabilities vastly improve the sound quality, and helps prevent sound from bleeding into the home from outside. Double glazed windows are much more capable of absorbing sound waves than traditional single glazed windows because the panes don’t make direct contact with each other. This dampens the soundwaves, making high-ceiling villas much quieter.

Say goodbye to extreme temperatures

A key feature of the villa is floor to ceiling windows. They allow in plenty of light and while this makes for an ideal amount of natural lighting in your home, it can be an issue when living in a country that experiences unpredictable, sometimes extreme weather conditions. High and low temperatures outside your house can affect the overall comfort of your villa, and your power bill. Opting for double glazed windows allow your spacious homes to better insulate against inclement weather with little to no effort. Double glazed windows, when paired with thermal insulation in the ceiling, floor and walls, help regulate your home’s interior temperature, driving down your energy bill, and keep your home comfortable and healthy.

Elevate and modernise timber windows

Traditionally designed villas carry distinct design characteristics—such as timber-framed windows—that provide a warm, timeless, and rustic elegance to the villas’ overall design. However, your existing windows may show signs of age and deterioration due to moisture over long periods of time. If you’re looking to achieve the modern comforts of double glazing, but want to keep the rustic aesthetic of traditional windows, the best option is to upgrade them with double glazing wooden frames. This way, you can still retain that “villa appeal” of all-wood windows, yet also achieve quality glazing, ensuring you get better insulation and energy efficiency.

To professionally upgrade your villa with retrofit double glazing, choose Atlas Glass today!

As a professional glazing company, we can upgrade your villas’ old windows with retrofit double glazing, to future proof your home whilst maintaining its beauty and character.

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