December 9, 2020

Why Modern Glass is far Superior to Old Glass Windows

Many years ago, there was a single type of glass used for every application in the home, and it possessed no special properties. Its only function was to keep the bad weather out, but unseen elements like heat, sound, and radiation would leak through undeterred. With summer almost here, New Zealand homeowners can’t afford to go another season paying increased energy bills!

Now, thanks to the efforts of double-glazing specialists around the world, there is a diverse range of modern glass to choose from, each with specific benefits and features. There are three core types of glass to choose from when it comes to window glazing, each formulated to suit a particular protective purpose: the standard double-glazed window, the acoustic glass window, and energy-efficient Low-E glass.

In this blog post, we will be reviewing the role of each one in your home, helping you to choose which one best suits your needs for a summer window revamp.

Double Glazed Windows – The Move from Single to Double

From single pane to double glazed windows, we have progressed a long way. Whether you are building or renovating a home, the choice of which windows to choose can seem overwhelming.

Single panes, while cheaper, are not a sound investment. They allow for up to 40% of the heat to escape from a house and will be vulnerable to other significant problems. First is condensation, resulting from significant changes in the internal temperature overnight. Then come potential floor rot, mould, and asthma problems as the water from the windows begins trickling down to the floor and gathering there.

Beyond the potential health issues, single pane glass can have your heater running all day with seemingly no change in temperature. That’s a very high electricity bill for very little payoff!

Double Glazed Investment

This is where double glazed windows deliver value. By installing two panes with a layer of air sandwiched between them, you eliminate the potential for condensation while also regulating the temperature of your house. Even though they can be costly upfront, they will repay their worth through your decreased energy bills in no time.

If you are looking for efficient and modern glass, double glazed is for you. We at Atlas Glass offer a range of double-glazing options, from retrofitting existing windows to full timber double-glazed window fittings.

Acoustic Glass – The Sound of Silence

Next on the list is acoustic glass, ideal for those living in the noisier areas of the world. Acoustic glass can be paired with other types of glass or simply used on its own. Its main advantage lies in its ability to reduce noise by up to 50%. If you are in a high-noise environment—such as near a busy road, primary school, or other loud establishments—acoustic glass is an innovative creation that can save you stress and irritation.

An acoustic glaze can be applied to other types of glass, so it is an adaptable and high-quality investment. For example, if you’re looking for windows that will stop both heat and noise, you can opt for double-glazed windows using acoustic glass.

Low-E Glass – All Sunshine, No Damage

Finally, we have Low-E glass. Also known as Low Emissivity Glass, Low-E glass has a special low emissivity coating developed to reflect long wave radiation from the glass and reduce the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light entering your home. Low-E Glass works like a thermos; it keeps the warmth inside during winter and cool air inside during summer, simultaneously ensuring that harmful radiation does not make it inside. Beyond the effects of radiation on human health, UV can also age your furniture, books, and fixtures over time. By installing low-e glass, you’re protecting both yourself and your belongings from harm.

Low-E glass has a very high level of insulation and is best applied as a layer on top of other modern glasses, such as a double-glazed window. Low-E Glass is highly energy-efficient and acts as passive assistance with temperature regulation, making it the ideal companion to a double-glazed home. Not to mention, it protects you from the higher concentration of UV rays during summer, a problem New Zealanders have been dealing with for many years.

Modern glass is adaptable to all homes and is thermally efficient, while also having the significant benefit of saving money in the long run. If any of the above options interest you for a summer retrofit, look no further than Atlas Glass for all your window design and retrofitting needs.

Contact Atlas Glass for a brand-new set of thermally efficient windows today.

Here at Atlas Glass, we offer a variety of modern glass products for both upgrades and instalments. We’re passionate about finding the right double-glazing solution for each of our clients; it’s what makes us one of the leading companies for retrofit double glazing in Auckland. If you have any questions about our services, or if you would be interested in receiving a free quote, please contact us.

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