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January 14, 2018

Why Is Acoustic Glass Such a Good Idea?

Sometimes, it feels like no matter where you are – the place is noisy. There’s traffic or people or barking animals, and you feel like you can’t get any peace. If this feels even slightly familiar, then acoustic glass may be the perfect option for you.

What Is Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glass consists of two or more sheets of glass, bonded together with one or more acoustic interlayers. The interlayers act as a noise dampening core, weakening the sound as it travels through the glass. When it is faced with sound, it works as a reflective agent: reflecting the majority of the sound waves, and absorbing those that it does not reflect.

By providing different layers of insulation, noise from the outside world is strongly reduced, which can have a myriad of benefits.”

Why Choose Acoustic Glass?

Noise pollution is a real and unpleasant part of everyday life. If not efficiently dealt with, it can lead to serious issues – this is where acoustic glass comes in. By effectively lowering noise pollution, you can get back to living your best life.

Sleeping Benefits

A good night’s sleep is vital for optimal functioning and health. When our outside environments are noisy, we may feel like we do not get the rest that we need. This leaks into other areas of our life: our relationships, our work, even the way we feel about ourselves. Studies show that a lack of good sleep can lead to heightened irritation and an inability to think clearly.

Single pane windows are not an effective barrier against the night-time noises that may keep us awake. This is because the sound is able to pass straight through. With double glazed windows, the sound has to pass through several layers, greatly diminishing it and giving you the opportunity to finally get to sleep.

Remove Distractions

It’s difficult to focus when you can hear your neighbour’s dog barking and their children fighting all day. How can someone focus on their activities, whether they are work or leisure, when background noise is taking up the foreground?

For many people, distractions lead to heightened levels of stress. Too much stress can cause many different health problems, from ulcers to heart palpations.

Acoustic glass has been shown to significantly decrease the noise of the outside world. Although you may still hear your neighbour’s voice, it will be more of a whisper than an angry shout. Take a moment to imagine how pleasant it will feel to read your book without hearing loud traffic outside your window.

Expertly Developed

Acoustic glass was developed with all of these issues in mind. It is often used in places where noisy environments can be overwhelming, such as airports, houses on main roads and office buildings. In environments such as these, acoustic glass can reduce noise levels by up to 50%.

Say No to Noise Pollution

Say yes to your health and choose acoustic glass for your windows.  Here at Atlas Glass, we offer a variety of options, including acoustic glass. If you have any questions about our services, or if you would be interested in receiving a free quote, please contact us.


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