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August 1, 2022

Debunking the Cost of Wooden Windows & Other Timber Joinery Myths

Any aspect of designing a home is exciting, even if it's simply installing some timber double-glazed windows. With the number of joinery options available today, homeowners find it tough to narrow down what they want for their homes. From the cost of wooden windows to the extreme maintenance they—allegedly—require, we debunk some of the common myths surrounding timber joinery.

Wooden Windows Are Too Expensive

The price of timber may be higher than what you would be looking at pay for alternative joinery options, like aluminium. But with a higher price tag comes supreme quality. Timber frames are strong and will last a long time accenting your windows. The quality of timber, combined with double-glazing, will work toward creating a more energy-efficient home. Despite what many believe, timber frames provide ideal insulation to avoid escaped heat. With the numerous glass options available from glaziers, Auckland homes will be well-insulated for winter. Invest in timber windows, and you'll see a return through the long-term benefits.

Timber Joinery is High Maintenance & Rots Easily

We've already touched on the quality and longevity of timber joinery, and they don't need frequent maintenance to achieve this. Whatever type of joinery you choose will require maintenance, but it doesn't need to be hard work.

Modern timber joinery generally includes cost seals to keep it protected for a long time. If you're cleaning your home's exterior twice a year, you're doing all the maintenance already. Wash your timber frames twice annually with non-corrosive cleaning products, and your timber will stay in the best condition.

Windows with Timber Joinery Aren’t Secure

Your home is supposed to be a safe and comfortable place. A common misconception about timber windows is that they lack security. The truth? Security risks are primarily unlocked windows, weaker glass, or a stroke of bad luck.

Modern glass is strong and provides extra security to lockable windows. Combined with other home security technologies, you can enjoy your new windows knowing you're safe.

Wooden Window Frames Can’t Look Modern

If you're investing in something new for your home, you'll likely want it to look modern. Many refuse to believe that timber window frames age a house. Timber frames create a beautiful accent for your home's exterior. You can even paint them to suit any style, from modern to classic home designs. Whatever your preference, wooden framing creates a timeless-looking home for your family to enjoy.

Atlas Glass Can Help You Find Your Perfect Windows

As local Auckland glaziers, we're experts at all things window-related. Whether you're preparing for a new build or looking to bring some new life into your home’s old windows, we can help. We offer different types of glass, each bringing a unique benefit to your windows. Our team are experts with double-glazing windows, specifically those with timber joinery. Now that we’ve squashed those myths on timber, are you ready to breathe some new life into your home with brand new windows? If so, get in touch with the team at Atlas Glass today, and we'll be happy to help you out.

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