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August 30, 2019

Home Cleaning Tips for Perpetually Gorgeous Windows

With the warmer months approaching, it’s time for your annual spring cleaning, and what better way to start on this project with your double glazed windows? They provide so much help with your home’s thermal insulation that they truly deserve a good scrubbing. Window cleaning may not be your favourite task, but there are ways to make it simple, easy, and fun with some window-cleaning hacks. We share some useful tips to start on this important housework project!

Go All Natural

Skip the harmful cleaning chemicals that can be too harsh for you and your windows. Cleaning agents with chemicals can create an electrical charge that will attract more dust that sticks to your windows, creating that infuriating, filmy effect. Plus, it’s easy to DIY a window cleaner that you know is safe and gentle. It’s cheaper, natural, and does a better job as a cleaning agent.

Making Natural Cleaning Spray

Mix ¼ cup rubbing alcohol with 1/3 cup of vinegar in a spray bottle and fill to top with distilled water. If your windows are covered in hard stains, you can concoct a hard water solution made with vinegar, dish soap, and lemon juice. Spritz and let it sit for 10 minutes. You can then scrub the hard stains away!

Using natural products can also be extra helpful if you have timber joinery, as natural formulas and a soft cloth won’t damage paintwork or glazing when you're cleaning the dirt, dust, insects, and grime off of them.

Use Microfibre Cloth

Microfiber cloths are great to partner with your DIY cleaning solution when you’re cleaning your windows. They are made from synthetic fibres, which are not treated with chemicals, and the way they are constructed means they glide any dust off of the window without gripping the surface. Surface friction is what creates the streaks you sometimes get from paper towels, so you can neatly avoid this frustration and leave your window dust-free.

Clean When it’s Overcast

When it’s possible, time your window cleaning for when it’s cloudy or shady outside. If you clean your windows on a hot sunny day, the sun’s heat may dry your cleaning solution to your window’s glass too quickly. That will leave behind stains and residue that may be harder to scrub away.

Use Tongs for Your Blinds

Dusty blinds can undo all of the hard work you just exerted cleaning your windows to perfection, but how do you dust blinds easily? You can do this with the help of your kitchen tongs. Just wrap rags around the pair of tongs and secure them with rubber bands. Clamp them onto the blinds and drag left and right to pick up excess dust. Hey presto, clean blinds!

Use a Lint Roller

Window screens seem like an impossible cleaning task when you don’t approach it with the right tools; there’s an easier way to do it than beating them with a rag. Use your trusty lint roller—that’s right, a lint roller—to clean off any dust and lint that clings to the wire mesh. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration, trust us.

Use an Air Compressor for the Harder Spots

Cleaning windows can be daunting, especially when you have many tall windows in your home. But if you have an air compressor stored away, it can make all the difference. Don’t stress about those hard-to-reach, hard-to-clean places. Instead, blast away the dust and debris with a handheld air compressor!

Keep your modern windows sparkling clean.

Putting in an effort to making them sparkling clean can go a long way when it comes to extending the lifespan of your double-glazed windows and wooden frames, and it’s not too hard once you get the hang of it.

 The team at Atlas Glass are experts in glazing and double-glazed windows with timber joinery. Our Auckland glaziers can provide you with beautiful windows that you’ll be proud to keep shining, so call us today to give your home a modern touch.

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