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February 25, 2020

How to Care for Your Timber Windows

Timber joinery is a beautiful choice for windows, because the result is so versatile. You can choose to leave the natural grain exposed for a touch of the outdoors, or you can paint over the frame for a smooth, modern finish. Regardless of how you treat your windows, you need to maintain them properly to make sure that their original finish lasts through the years.

It’s not as time-consuming as it sounds, and establishing a routine to maintain your windows is easy if you know what you need to do. From the experts at Atlas Glass, here is a breakdown of how to care for your timber windows.

Every Two Months: Wash the Timber

Dust and bacteria will accumulate on the wood over time, which can cause mould or mildew to start growing (especially in humid subtropical climates like New Zealand). These pesky growths will grow into the grain of the wood, rotting away at it until it’s weakened and unsightly. To prevent this, you just have to wash the timber regularly without drying it out.

You’ll need:

  • A mild detergent.
  • A gentle sponge.
  • Warm water (not hot).

Simply mix a small amount of detergent with a large amount of warm water and sponge away the dirt on the frame. If you’re washing your windows at the same time, make sure to wash them first, otherwise the dirt from the windows will drip onto the frame and you’ll have to start all over again.

 Every Six Months: Wash Windows and Repair Frames

Most window companies recommend that you wash your windows twice a year to keep them in good condition (especially if they’re old glass), so it makes sense to do some maintenance of the frames at the same time. After all, they’re the things holding your windows steady.

Wash your windows first, then follow up by washing the timber with the method described above. Check the wood over for any noticeable chips or scratches, and if you find them, repair them fast! Leaving these cracks to their own devices will cause them to move up the wood gradually, splitting it and making it vulnerable to damp and rot. Use a high-quality wood putty to patch the cracks and re-coat the wood once applied and dried.

A Note Regarding New Zealand Climate

New Zealand is a subtropical climate, so it is humid and carries a lot of moisture in the air. It’s important to note that this moisture will cause expansion and contraction of the timber, which wears it over time, but if you care for it properly a timber joinery frame will last a very long time.

Furthermore, if you live closer to the coast your wood will be exposed to a higher salt content in the air. This ages the wood at a rapid pace, so if you live coastally you should inspect and wash the timber once a month to keep on top of the salt build-up.

Chat to the team at Atlas Glass about installing timber joinery windows.

Designing and customising your home is one of the greater joys in life, so take the time to add a personal touch that will last you for years. Talk to Atlas Glass, the favourite Auckland glaziers, about retrofitting your existing windows or rebuilding them from scratch today.

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