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August 29, 2018

Reasons for Maintaining your Timber Joinery

If you’ve got timber joinery for your double glazing, then you’ve already got an energy-efficient, practical, and aesthetically pleasing frame for your windows. That’s not something you want to let go to waste! Maintaining your timber joinery is as simple as finishing it with sealant, keeping it clean and dry, and repainting or re-oiling it 18 months after installation, and then again every six to eight years. In this article, we look at why you should put the effort in to keep your timber joinery in top form.

Energy-efficient and economic window design

Timber has a storied history as a building material, and has always been considered a great accomplishment of nature. It acts as a natural insulator, keeping the temperature of your house warm and comfortable. This helps lower carbon emissions, and lowers your energy bill by better retaining heat. You might think this would make them more expensive than aluminium or PVC joinery options, but this isn’t necessarily true! Top-range wood joinery -like mahogany – can cost much more, but middle-range timber can work out cheaper. With proper maintenance, timber joinery can easily outlast the competition, saving you ever paying to replace it.

Timeless, beautiful aesthetics

Another benefit of timber is its visual versatility, and huge potential for aesthetically pleasing window design. Depending on which wood you settle on and how you choose to stain and finish your timber, it can be made to suit any surrounding architecture. You can even have it carved to fit in with your house – an option you may not have with other building materials.

Ongoing maintenance and weatherproofing also serves to keep your joinery looking amazing. Repainting and varnishing your joinery improves the value of the house, making it a great investment for a property you plan to renovate and sell. Contrary to popular opinion, window frames made from other materials - like PVC - aren’t completely maintenance free, and no amount of maintenance will make PVC look as good as timber does.

Environmentally friendly

Wooden window frames are much more environmentally sound than their counterparts. Over their lifetime, they save so much energy that they have a negative GWP (global warming potential), reducing your total carbon footprint. Timber nowadays is largely from sustainable sources, whereas the production of other building materials can involve the release of toxic chemicals. Environmental activists are in favour of using timber joinery over PVC – the waste involved in producing timber is far more manageable and recyclable than the alternatives. Maintaining your timber joinery is not only directly beneficial to your power bill – it directly benefits the planet.

A lifetime of benefits

All of these benefits increase in value exponentially when you combine them with the lifespan of timber joinery. If looked after properly, wooden window frames can easily last a lifetime – resisting weather wear and tear for generations.

If you’ve been looking into retrofit double glazing, why not take the opportunity to look into timber joinery too? The Atlas Glass team are experts in glazing and double-glazing windows for timber joinery – we provide glazing for several timber joiners throughout Auckland, and we can point you in the right direction! Talk to us today!

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