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No other build material can get as modern as glass. Its versatility has increased by leaps and bounds, making it one of the most popular materials for modern architecture. From its ability to provide excellent thermal and sound insulation to its capacity for external glazing, natural light transmission, weather and rust resistance, and mouldable structural components, there’s no denying that glass is transforming the field of architecture. Today, we share some incredible glass architecture buildings, offices, and homes from around the globe. 

Discover some of our favourite designs, from glass houses to glass museums and gardens!

Bungalow Glass House

Nestled in Victoria’s High Country in Australia, Mansfield House is a unique bungalow designed by Robbie Walker. With an open glass pavilion to the north and a concrete bunker to the south, it can withstand extreme weather thanks to the bungalow’s retrofit double glazing. Residents enjoy comfortable temperatures year-round, with steel screens and a roof overhang minimising glare during summer.

The Glass Museum

The Louvre Pyramid in Paris is a modern glass and metal pyramid completed in 1989 and designed by I.M. Pei. It is an iconic Parisian landmark constructed with 689 clear glass panes. This iconic glass architecture building was built originally as a royal residence before becoming a museum.

NY Glass & Steel House

The Glass & Steel House in East Hampton, New York, is a massive 10,000 square feet steel and glass home designed by Juan A. Figueroa. It boasts an open living layout with dining and kitchen spaces framed by floor-to-ceiling glass walls, polished concrete floors, and beautiful natural light. With a landscaped outdoor area, six bedrooms, and six full bathrooms, this luxurious home is stunning inside and out.

The Glass Workplace

Designed by architect Frank Gehry, the IAC Building in Manhattan, New York, is a renowned glass building completed in 2007. This glass architectural building was designed to resemble a ship in full sail. The design of the façade for this building features impressive, double-glazed glass panels, measuring 12’x5’, that were carefully crafted into shape using a unique method. Rather than being pre-bent, the unitised panels were transported flat to the construction site and then shaped into their curved form on-site using a process known as ‘cold warping’. 

In total, the project required the design, engineering, manufacture, and installation of an impressive 8,800 sqm (95,000 sq ft) of double-glazed, curved glass curtain wall.

The Invisible Glass House

The Invisible House in Joshua Tree, California, is a 5,500-square-foot mirrored box home that reflects the surrounding desert environment. It was designed by film producers Chris Hanley and Roberta Hanley in partnership with architect Tomas Orsinski. The home features heat-reflecting Solarcool glass, which keeps the interiors comfortable despite the harsh desert weather.

The Glass Skyscraper

The Shard in London, completed in 2012 and designed by Renzo Piano, is the tallest skyscraper in London. It features angled glass that reflects the sky, giving it a unique appearance that changes depending on the weather.

The Glass Garden

The Botanical Garden of Curitiba in Brazil, constructed in 1991, has a striking glasshouse modelled after the Crystal Palace in London. Despite occupying only 4,800 square feet, its Art Nouveau style has captivated visitors for over two decades.

The Glass Workshop

The Kanagawa Institute of Technology Workshop in Japan, designed by Junya Ishigami + Associates, is a transparent building that provides ample natural light for students to work and study. With columns arranged like trees on a landscape, the building offers visitors beautiful views of forest-like plants and lush trees.

Maximise the benefits of glass for your own home

Thanks to the versatility of glass, advances in engineering, and the creative minds of architects and designers, there’s an increasing number of innovative glass buildings that shape how we work, live, and see and appreciate modern glass architecture. Glass technology has advanced so much that it’s now possible to create dynamic structures made almost entirely of glass. Whether that’s a full glass building or a home with glazed windows and doors, glass is a versatile and sophisticated option that can beautify and enhance buildings and help our homes and offices achieve comfortable temperatures.

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