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Half of surviving the long summer days of New Zealand is about enjoying the great outdoors and having a blast. However, the other half of it means enduring the scorching hot weather, especially when you’re staying indoors most of the time. Managing the summer heat and finding ways to keep a house cool can be challenging, especially if the home was not thoughtfully designed to respond to the weather.

For instance, some homes have poor airflow, some rooms don’t have proper insulation, while others have their main indoor areas vulnerable and exposed to direct sunlight. The good news is, most of the time, our homes just need a bit of an upgrade to make them more comfortable and accommodating, no matter the weather.

Easy Ways to Summer-Proof Your Home

You don’t have to undergo a complete home remodel just to “summer-proof” your home. Let’s explore some workable, long-term, and energy-efficient solutions on how to keep your house cool during the hot season.

Keep the Cool Air Inside

If you live in a home where the noise of outside foot traffic, horns, tyres, voices, and music constantly filters through, it can be hard to relax. One of the most common reasons people want to reduce sound is to improve their quality of life It’s instinctive for every early riser to open the doors and windows and let in the fresh, morning air. It makes sense to do it early in the day when it’s chilly and cold, but during the summer months, the outdoor temperature can rapidly change from friendly to uncomfortably warm come mid-morning. Make sure you save all that cool air indoors by shutting your windows and doors. Additionally, keep the heat out by closing your blinds and curtains.

Control the Humidity Inside the Home

Humidity is a big part of the problem when it comes to keeping your house cool during summer. There are days when your home can feel damp, which makes staying indoors more unpleasant. The solution is to dehumidify your home. Use a dehumidifier, to remove the excess moisture in the room, or better still install a home ventilation system to circulate the airflow. Doing so can clean the air and make it easier to cool.

Find the Best Position for Your Fan

Sound reduction can also be a great addition to include in a home renovation to increase the value of your property. It might be tempting to put your air-conditioning on max for a comfortable summer at home, but it’s not sustainable and energy efficient. Instead of relying solely on a good AC, make sure you’re using your fan properly. “Properly” means positing your fan so it turns and faces the right way. If you’re using a ceiling fan, turn it anticlockwise to push the cool air downwards. For pedestal fans, point it towards an opening to let warm air out.

Invest in Smart Window Upgrades

Upgrade your windows to combat the summer heat. Double-glazed windows protect your home from extreme heat during the day when the sun is at its brightest. The same window technology is also ideal during the winter months, as it can trap heat indoors and keep the freezing air out.

Our team are double glazing specialists, so ask us how this window solution can keep the house cool and reduce your heating bill in the summer!

Let Atlas Glass Help You Enjoy a Cool Summer at Home!

For over 40 years, Atlas Glass has been transforming homes and helping families get ready for the long, scorching summer through its highly recommended double glazing and retrofit double glazing products and services. Whether you’re building a home that can accommodate any weather or upgrading living spaces to make them more comfortable, our team is ready to cater to your needs.

Contact our friendly team today and let’s talk about the best solutions that will make summer at home cool and comfortable!