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Timber window frames have been an integral part of homes for centuries, but how do they compare against new window framing solutions such as uPVC? As a double-glazing company specialised in timber window frames, we know that wooden framing not only stands the test of time but also offers a beautiful window solution for classic and modern builds alike. Today, we explore the benefits of these two types of joinery, explaining why wood is overall an exceptional choice to consider.


Compared to uPVC framing, the higher cost of buying and installing wooden frames in your home makes them a bigger initial investment. However, because of the durability and long-lasting nature of timber, the long-term value of this investment vastly outweighs the initial cost. Timber isn’t susceptible to rust, and if well-cared for, wooden frames can bring your home value for a lifetime.

In contrast, incorporating uPVC window frames into your home design means you do not have to worry about damage to your framing done by pests. But in general, wood is very easy to maintain and there are plenty of long-lasting sealants that can be applied to ensure your framing is pristine for many years.


When it comes to functionality, quality wooden frames offer a perfect choice for homeowners. Wood window frames can increase a property’s insulation and—when paired with double glazed units—act as a barrier against extreme temperatures. This pairing can also significantly reduce the level of noise coming in from the street outside or next-door properties.

One benefit of uPVC is that it isn’t susceptible to warping from too much heat or moisture. However, for homeowners who love the timeless nature and quality of real wood, this isn’t an issue in the slightest. As we mentioned above, there are sealants that can easily be applied to prevent damage and maintain wooden frames for decades.


uPVC offers a modern look that can suit the aesthetic of modern builds, but it cannot offer the same character as timber can for doors and windows. Timber frames offer homes a timeless and beautiful aesthetic which, for many homeowners, is the real selling point behind their choice of framing. When it comes to upholding the enchanting look of historic establishments, timber framing is essential. Wooden window frames can also beautifully add to modern builds.


When it comes to home sustainability and incorporating eco-friendly materials into your property, both uPVC and wooden joinery rank well. As a natural material, wood can easily be repurposed, and if discarded, will decompose instead of sitting in landfills for decades.

In contrast, some uPVC suppliers use recycled materials to make their components. Additionally, both materials can keep a home warm and dry, and therefore, can be used to reduce the carbon footprint of a home and contribute to its energy efficiency.

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When it comes to home renovation, we know that finding the right window frames for your home is important—especially when catering to an aesthetic or trying to include eco-friendly solutions that weigh less on your mind and the planet. If you’re looking for sustainable, long-lasting, beautiful double glazing wooden frames, get in touch with the team at Atlas Glass today. We’ll help you find the perfect window solution for your home.