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July 26, 2021

The Retrofitting Process: How We Replace Your Windows

At Atlas Glass, we believe retrofitting timber windows is a worthwhile investment for anyone wanting to save on power, and create a healthier, warmer, and quieter home. We can modify your existing windows with our retrofit double glazing process, which we can tailor to suit any home.

Atlas Glass’s team of glaziers has been providing specialist glazing services in the region for more than 40 years, so if you’re looking for the best glaziers in Auckland—you know who to visit!

Below, we walk you through the retrofitting process from start to finish, explaining exactly what’s involved and what you need to know before hiring glaziers to retrofit your windows.

1. Customer Requests a Quote

You first request a quote from us. This is easy—simply go to our contact page and send us a message to receive a free quote on your project.

2. Initial Site Visit

After contacting us, an appointment is made, and our sales representative will visit your site to measure the units. During this initial site visit, we’ll confirm the suitability of retrofitting for your project and discuss the best options available for the project.

3. A Quote is Sent to the Customer

Following the site visit, we send you a free, no-obligation quote estimating your retrofit double-glazing cost.

4. Acceptance of the Quote

Once the quote has been accepted and a deposit is paid, we will secure a date with you for work on the project to begin.

5. Manufacturing of Your New Units

The factory team will then manufacture your new double-glazed units to fit your windows perfectly. Here at Atlas Glass, all double-glazed units and toughened safety glass products crafted by us are made to the highest standards possible and manufactured locally in our well-equipped Avondale factory. Furthermore, all our products are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the highest standard of New Zealand’s window production.

6. Installation Day

Once your units are ready, our team of glass fitters can begin the installation process, which is quick and unintrusive, following a few key steps:

1. Removing your existing glazing

On installation day, we start by removing your timber sashes from your home and disposing of the existing glazing.

2. Window frames routed

We use a router to widen and deepen the glazing rebates which will create space for the new double-glazed units.

If you’re concerned about the installation process changing the appearance of your window joinery, there’s no need to worry. Our team works carefully to preserve the timber, removing only enough timber to accommodate the new double-glazed units. This technique is the most effective choice for homeowners looking to install new double-glazing solutions, as it is designed to specifically retain the original intended look of your joinery.

3. Primer is applied

A primer is applied to all areas that have been worked on.

4. Double glazed units installed

Double-glazed units are installed into your newly routed sashes. The double-glazed units are wet sealed into the sash with silicone sealant.

5. New Beading

New timber beads are installed to finish off the glazing process.

6. Window frames reinstalled

To complete the job, the timber sashes are then reinstalled back into the window with your new double-glazed units. New stainless-steel hinges are also installed, and a weather seal is applied to the perimeter of all opening sashes.

7. Final quality check and Clean Up

Following installation, we carry out a final quality check to ensure you’ll be happy with the results. To finish the job, the team will then tidy up all areas worked on, and the job is invoiced.

If at any time during the consultation or fitting process rot is discovered, we will discuss with you whether it is possible for us to repair it or if new sashes will be required.

For residential or commercial retrofitting in Auckland, contact our team today!

Combining timber joinery with modern glazing delivers fantastic results that are ideal for all types of properties—from traditional family homes to modern residential properties. Here at Atlas Glass, we provide free consultations for anyone considering retrofitting their timber joinery or looking for quality glazing solutions catered to new builds, additions, or refurbishments. Contact our professional team to get a free consultation today and receive a top-quality, reliable, end-to-end service for your windows!

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