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July 3, 2023

Amazing Things You Can Do with Glass

Not all glass materials are recyclable through your household recycling programme. While glass bottles and other common glass objects are collected in recycling bins along with paper and plastic materials, recycling plants still occasionally reject treated products like glass windows or oven-proof glass.

Although not yet widely available, collecting these glass items and reprocessing them into a sand-like material before repurposing them into insulation or for use in new glass manufacturing is gaining traction in New Zealand. Until this becomes widespread, however, there are still many ways to upcycle treated glass or repurpose it in your home

Repurposing old glass materials is an environmentally friendly method to create useful pieces around the home or craft works of art. For creatives and homeowners looking for fun things to do with glass, contact a reputable glass supplier in Auckland, such as Atlas Glass, to receive a quote on high-quality glass products for your next project.

Get creative

Broken glass shards don’t simply have to be thrown away but can be used to form creative new items. These can include stained glass, mosaics, or sculpture art pieces you can display in your window to catch the light in gorgeous ways or as a statement decoration in your home. Add flair and personality to your living space by repurposing old glass objects into new, innovative works of art. Add a string of LED lights to spare glass bottles for a fuss-free illumination source or fill them with coloured sand and glitter as a weekend art project for the kids.

Alternatively, crush shards of glass and file them down thoroughly for a colourful gravel replacement, for use as pond rocks in your backyard, or as glass beads in smaller jewellery pieces. The indoor and outdoor decor options are limitless according to your imagination.

Incorporate into storage solutions

Things you can do with glass include using it for storage according to your needs. Use large panes of glass to craft glass shelving or clear storage containers to organise larger objects. Utilise small glass bottles or jars to store pantry items in the kitchen or use them as organisers for accessories or small nick-knacks in the bathroom or bedroom.  

Repurpose old glass

Renowned for their clarity and durability, larger glass pieces can be cut to size and used as countertops or backsplashes as protection in bathrooms or kitchens. Bottles and jars can be repurposed in fun and eco-friendly ways as bird feeders, watering solutions for plants or terrarium pots and candle holders. Versatile and long-lasting, the things you can do with glass in your home are endless. 

You Need a Reputable Glass Supplier

Glass is a useful and versatile material that can be repurposed or upcycled for almost every need. In addition to all these amazing things you can do with glass, don’t forget to increase the value of your home through retrofit double glazing. Double glazing your windows can improve energy efficiency and help you save on electricity bills throughout the seasons, simultaneously providing insulation and noise reduction.

As Auckland’s double-glazing specialists, Atlas Glass can cut your glass to size and provide insight and advice for your next project. Reach out to our friendly team for more information today!

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