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July 3, 2023

Window Safety – How to Childproof Your Windows

Open windows are dangerous to children of all ages, especially younger kids, and if you live on higher floors. Toddlers are good at causing mayhem and running about unrestrained, and a moment of distraction can cause potentially fatal accidents from broken windows or falls. These accidents are easily preventable by childproofing your windows and practising proper window safety. We discuss window safety and other methods to childproof your home windows for peace of mind.

Why is Window Safety Paramount?

Unintentional yet fatal accidents occur due to children falling out of open windows or getting entangled in blind cords. Windows are particularly hazardous for toddlers who are highly mobile, curious, and want to explore but are unaware of the dangers. It can take only take one second of distraction for an accident to occur. Since children have a different centre of gravity and their heads are much heavier than the rest of their bodies, they usually hit the ground head-first, proving potentially fatal. Childproofing your windows as soon as your child starts crawling is essential.

Tips to Childproof Your Windows

Upgrade Your Windows

Upgrade to a window glass solution that doesn’t break easily. The cost of retrofit double glazing is affordable and an easy fix to stronger, longer-lasting windows.

Avoid Window Blinds with Cords

Keep blind cords out of reach of children. Kids can easily hurt themselves or get strangled in loose blind cords. Otherwise, motorised blind options make it easier to operate your blinds without too much effort.

Move Furniture Away from Windows

Move furniture like big armchairs or sofas away from windows, especially ones higher from the ground. Toddlers are curious and can get up onto furniture easily without you noticing.

Install Window Guards

Window gates or grilles are a great solution, as they’ll allow you to easily manoeuvre your windows without worrying about your child opening them accidentally. Install vertical bars to prevent your child from climbing on them like a ladder, and choose grilles that don’t have large gaps between the bars. Alternatively, a mesh window guard would be more pleasing to the eye, allowing you a more aesthetic solution without being too complicated to install.

Install Childproof Window Locks

Install a window model that comes with built-in locks. Otherwise, you can easily find window sash locks for almost every window type at your local hardware store. However, this can be inconvenient and limit ventilation in your home as you’ll have to keep the windows closed almost all the time.

Educate Your Child

Teach your child about proper window safety etiquette. Ensure they understand the dangers of playing around with windows and explain the consequences of opening them or playing with the blind cords. Alternatively, you can create a danger zone around the immediate area of the window and mark it off to prevent your children from playing near it.

Upgrade to a Safe Window Solution

Practising window safety begins with investing in durable, high-quality windows. For double-glazed windows with noise reduction and increased insulation, contact Atlas Glass, Auckland’s premier glazing specialists.

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