May 25, 2021

Four Benefits of Choosing Timber for Your Window Frames

Aside from their classic style and refined appearance, there are several benefits to choosing timber for your window frames. As one of the top glaziers in Auckland, we ensured that our team could retrofit existing timber windows with new, double-glazed panes because we know how much homeowners love them.

If you’re considering choosing timber as the material for your window frames, take a tour with us through the benefits you’ll reap from the choice.

High Thermal Resistance

Timber is a natural material, and as such it carries some benefits. The biggest of those—aside from its tasteful appearance—is timber’s high resistance to heat transmission.

In a place like New Zealand, where you can easily experience all four seasons in the span of a single day, building materials with high thermal resistance offer huge benefits. Timber is well-suited to use in windows and doorframes because it prevents heat from moving easily in or out of your home.

In other words, it reduces heat loss in winter and prevents heat gain in summer, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. In combination with double-glazed panes, these are the ultimate insulators! That’s why timber double-glazed windows are so popular in modern homes.

Aside from the reduced energy bill total, this also means no condensation on any of your timber surfaces, thereby reducing rot and helping the frames to last even longer.

Long-Lasting Frames

Speaking of long-lasting frames, timber has been a well-loved building material for centuries. Homes built with timber a full one hundred years ago are still standing today, in large part thanks to the durability of this natural resource.

Not only is this good news for your home’s potential heritage status, but it also means fewer repairs or replacements down the line. In other words, you’ll save a lot of money!

Environmentally Friendly

Timber is a long-lasting, renewable resource with a low carbon footprint, meaning it’s fairly high on the eco-friendly scale. When sourced and maintained responsibly, timber is one of the best options you can select if you’re shooting for sustainable building.

Design Flexibility

Finally, timber is unique in its versatility. Unlike aluminium window frames, timber frames can be shaped and styled to suit your home’s style, which is why it’s the top choice for bungalow and villa restorations.

Whether you want a classic, traditional scrolled timber frame with mouldings, or a modern and clean silhouette, timber can do the job. Even better, if you find yourself drawn toward a different aesthetic in a few years, you can easily sand down and repaint your timber frames to create a new style.

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We’re one of the top companies offering retrofit double glazing in Auckland, enabling homeowners to keep the window style they love while keeping their home warm. Learn more about our products and services or get in touch today for your free consultation!

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