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October 19, 2021

7 Beautiful Window Styles for Your Home

Whether you’re renovating your home or building a new one from scratch, choosing the right window styles to suit your home’s design is important. 

Here at Atlas Glass, we specialise in retrofit double glazing your existing frames and glazing and double glazing new timber frames, so we can ensure you have the right glass to best suit your glass needs. Below, we look at some of the most beautiful window styles to install in your home. 

1. Casement Window – open outward hinges on side

Casement windows are windows that open from the side and allow better control of ventilation as they have the ability to open sideways up to 90 degrees.  

2. Double Hung Windows

A double hung window has an upper and lower sash that moves up and down. This creates even more options to increase airflow throughout your house giving you the option to open the upper or lower portion of the window. This style of window is typically seen on villas and bungalows.

3. Sliding Windows and doors

Sliding windows and doors are an elegant option if limited by the verticality of the room. These windows will typically have one horizontally moving piece which can slide back and forth behind the fixed portion of the window or door. This style maximises views when closed as the glass to frame ratio is much higher and maximises space as nothing sticks out from the house when the window is open.

4. Bi-Folding Windows and doors

Bi-folding windows and doors are another option for horizontal opening windows. These windows open from both sides with panels that fold upon each other. This gives the benefit of being able to open the window entirely, giving maximum airflow and opening the space. These windows are great to use in kitchen or dining areas, however they do take up space both inside and outside the home.

5. Awning Window– in the laundry or bathroom hung from the top

Awning windows are hung from the top meaning you can partially open them in the rain. As they are often used for high window placement you will see Awning windows featured in many bathrooms, offering more privacy compared to other window styles. The higher placement also helps maximise your wall space.

6. Fixed Windows

Fixed style windows are the simplest styles available. Simply a glass pane with no opening or airflow mechanism the picture window can be used as an aesthetic feature of your home. Place the window in an area with a fantastic view and you will suddenly have a dynamic ever-evolving painting to build the room around. Also, if you are prone to accidentally leaving windows open in bad weather, you will have one less window to worry about with this style!

7. Bay Windows

A beautiful style to go with, the bay window can be a perfect fit for certain home styles. The bay window is a box structure that projects out from the external wall giving you a window-lit alcove. In the extra space, you can install a seat, bed, and/or extra storage. If a sunlit recess sounds good to you then bay windows could be a fantastic option and can offer you a mix of different types of window styles.

Decide on Your Style

Whatever window style you decide on, Atlas Glass will ensure you get the right glass to suit your needs. Our Auckland Glaziers service the greater Auckland area, so contact us today to discuss your specific requirements for your new build or renovation.  

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