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November 7, 2022

What Causes a Window to Crack?

A cracked window can do more damage than simply obscuring the view out your kitchen window. A small crack can have consequences for the structural integrity of your window if left unchecked. As the premier glazier in Auckland, we know a thing or two about windows and are here to explain what causes a window to crack, how to fix it, and why you should deal with it immediately!

Three Types of Window Cracks

Stress Cracks

If you find a crack creeping out from the edge of the window, it’s likely a stress crack. Stress cracks are formed by continuous temperature fluctuations that cause the expansion and retraction of the glass panes.

Think about how a cup pulled straight out of the dishwasher is likely to crack if you immediately fill it with cold water. The process happens to your windows repeatedly as temperature changes both indoors and outside. This can eventually lead to the stress of the expansion overpowering the strength of the glass, causing a crack to form.

Impact Breaks

An impact break is exactly what it sounds like - a window crack caused by a backyard cricket game gone astray, a lawnmower-propelled rock, or a bird with a poor sense of direction. Any flying object that comes into contact with your window will likely cause an impact break. These breaks are easily identified by their starburst pattern that radiates outward from the point of impact.

Pressure Cracks

Pressure cracks are far less common and will seemingly come out of nowhere. These cracks are found in insulated glass and dual pane windows and will form in the shape of a curve, closely resembling an hourglass. What causes these window cracks are weather fluctuations that lead to changes in pressure, causing pressure to build up between the panes and create cracks.

You Should Never Ignore Window Cracks

Here are a few reasons why ignoring a crack in a window, even for just a short period, is something you may regret:

Window Cracks Will Spread Over Time

You can always be sure of one thing with window cracks: they will spread! The further a crack spreads, the more significant the damage will be, and the chance of repair will dramatically decrease. Problems like these cannot go away on their own accord and must be tackled proactively.

Glass Cracks Impact Your Energy Efficiency

Your home loses most of its heat through the doors and windows, doubly so if you have cracks in them. Especially during the cooler months of the year, the smallest of cracks can impact your home’s insulation and, in turn, energy consumption.

Prevent Cracks with Retrofit Double Glazing

Now that you know what causes a window to crack, you can prevent it from happening! Double-glazing is one of the most effective ways to keep your windows strong and protected from the elements. Atlas Glass is a trusted name in all things glass, from retrofit double glazing in bungalows to innovative UV-blocking glass. Upgrade your windows with retrofit double glazing today to ensure they last for years to come without cracks! Give us a call today to learn more about our range of services.

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