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December 22, 2021

How Laminated Glass Protects Your Home from Heat Damage

At Atlas Glass, we’re leaders in double glazing and glass supply in Auckland, and we always aim to ensure your property and furniture are protected from harsh UV rays. But what difference does it really make to have laminated glass installed in your home?

When shopping for windows, one of the biggest things to consider should be the amount of UV light a window lets in. While large windows are beautiful and refreshing, it’s important to ensure that the glass used is UV resistant in order to protect against heat damage. Today, we’re explaining the effects of solar radiation on our homes and furniture and discussing the advantages of glass solutions such as laminate coatings on windows.

What is UV Radiation?

While we all know the damaging effects that too much sun can have on our skin, few consider the impact UV radiation has on our homes and furniture.

UV radiation (ultraviolet light) is energy produced by the sun. This light moves rapidly in short wavelengths and is called ‘ultraviolet’ because it is not visible to the naked eye, like sunlight is. Depending on the wavelength, UV radiation has been classified into three different categories:

  • UVA radiation (315-400 nm) – not absorbed by the ozone layer
  • UVB radiation (290-315 nm) – partially absorbed by the ozone layer
  • UVC radiation (100-279) – completely absorbed by the ozone layer and atmosphere

While UVC is the most dangerous type of radiation, it has the shortest wavelengths and is completely absorbed by the ozone and oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere before it reaches the earth’s surface. UVB in comparison is mostly absorbed by the ozone and atmosphere but it does cause sunburn and skin damage on the topmost layer of skin. Contrastingly, UVA radiation has the longest wavelengths and can penetrate the middle layer of your skin (the dermis) and has the potential to cause long-term skin damage.

UVA radiation is a concern to homeowners because it can cause woods, paints, plastics, and fabrics to fade over time, diminishing the quality of your furniture and the value of your property. UV radiation on properties isn’t dependent on the weather either; it can cause damage whether the climate is sunny, warm, cloudy, or cold.

What is the benefit of Laminated Window Protection?

Incorporating laminated glass in your double-glazed windows is one of the most convenient and personalised ways homeowners can ensure their property is protected from UV radiation.

Laminated glass is produced by sealing two layers of glass together with a layer of PVB (Polyvinyl butyral). This not only reduces the sun damage in the home caused by excess heat and glare, but it also doubles as a safety feature. If the glass is broken, the PVB laminate will help to hold it together.

Laminated glass combined with double glazing ensures comfortability all your round. During the hotter months, the double glazing helps keep homes cool while in winter it helps to prevent heat loss, retaining more warmth inside the home.

Install double-glazed windows in your home

Atlas Glass offers beautiful villa retrofit double glazing to suit any home design. By choosing the right double-glazed units for your home, it is easy to improve your property’s energy efficiency. Get in touch with the team at Atlas Glass today to discuss the benefits of double glazing and laminated window solutions for your home.

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