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August 1, 2022

Keep Your Home Safe with These Tips for Preventing a Break-in

According to New Zealand police, 7 out of 10 burglaries in 2020 happened in residential areas. Though burglary rates have decreased through the years, it's better to be wary and alert than sorry. You can lessen the risk of a break-in by keeping your home secure and following safety measures.

From installing sturdy locks to double glazing wooden frames and windows, refer to these tips for preventing a break-in.

Invest in A Surveillance System

One of the pillars of home security is setting up CCTV cameras. Don't just place cameras on every corner that give a wide-angle view of every room. Instead, place the cameras in strategic locations and at close angles.

Remember, it's a robber you're trying to catch and stop. A camera showing an entire room makes it difficult for authorities to identify the culprit. A CCTV camera placed at the front door at eye level makes it easier to find the culprit since you can get a good look at their features.

Protect Your Windows with Modern Glazing

Robbers target windows first since they are easy to break. Double glazing adds an effective layer of protection to your windows. They require more force to break, take more time, and produce more noise, all factors that deter burglars.

Double-glazing is an economical option to keep your glass windows and wooden frames in the best condition. If you have aging single-glazed windows, you can consider retrofitting. With our retrofit double-glazing service, you can give your windows some added protection and security. As experts in glass supply in Auckland, we offer various glazing services depending on your needs.

In some circumstances, you can also consider reglazing with laminated glass. As a form of safety glass, laminated glass is designed to stay intact upon impact. This is possible due to the layers of glass that are bonded together with a special film during processing.  

Install Fail-Safe Locks

If a thief wants to make their break-in "subtle", they'll attempt to enter your home through the door or window when they suspect no one is home. Installing reliable locks to entrance points in your home is a must. A heavy-duty deadbolt lock is worth considering since it's not spring-activated. Spring locks don't provide much security compared to a deadbolt lock. You should also have more than one lock in your front and back doors.

Get to Know your Neighbours

Talk to your neighbours and try to bond with them. Once you've established a good relationship with them, they can call you if they see anyone suspicious around your home. A bonus is that they can empty your mailbox for you if you're away, so it doesn't seem like you're not home.

You can look out for each other and avoid break-ins as soon as they're about to happen.

Leave the Lights On

You want to create an illusion that people are at home, even when you're away or out of town. One of the best ways to do that is to keep your lights on. Check out if the lights are visible from the outside windows.

If you think turning on your lights while you're not there is a waste of electricity, you can install an automated lighting system. When you're on an overnight trip, another way to make it seem like someone is home is to keep the curtains or blinds partially opened.

Make Your Residence Burglar-Proof Now!

You can start safeguarding your home by reinforcing your locks and windows. As a leading company that offers glass supply in Auckland, we at Atlas Glass can provide state-of-the-art double glazing in your Auckland home. Reach out to our team to find the best glazing solutions for your home. Follow these measures and give your home the security upgrade it deserves. These efforts will prevent a break-in and protect your household and valuables.

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