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September 20, 2023

What is Laminated Glass and When Should You Use it?

Choosing the right glass for each purpose is essential,  and laminated glass is consistently dependable and versatile. But what is laminated glass?  It is a unique glass type that comprises layers bonded with a durable  interlayer, holding it together and offering added strength and resilience.  This composition provides laminated glass with unique properties, making it  an indispensable choice for several residential, commercial, and automotive  applications.

Below, we discuss the various applications laminated glass  sees in different situations and how a reputable double-glazing company can help you utilise this  unique choice in your home windows.

How Laminated Glass Works

Laminated glass is created by sandwiching a resilient and  transparent interlayer, often made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), between two or  more layers of glass. These layers are then subjected to heat and pressure,  bonding them securely. When laminated glass meets impact or force, it may  crack but generally remains adhered to the interlayer instead of shattering  into dangerous shards like standard glass.

This prevents the glass from breaking apart, enhancing  safety and security by reducing the risk of injuries from sharp glass  fragments. This unique construction contributes to laminated glass's noise  reduction and UV-blocking properties. It's an excellent choice for  applications where safety, comfort, and protection are paramount.

When Should You Use Laminated Glass?


Safety Considerations: Laminated glass  enhances safety by reducing the risk of injury from broken glass. In case of  an impact, the glass may crack but typically stays intact, held together by  the interlayer. This is especially important in homes, particularly those  with children or pets, as it minimises the danger posed by sharp glass  fragments. In regions prone to natural disasters like hurricanes or  earthquakes, laminated glass prevents shattering and reduces the risk of  flying glass shards during severe weather events. In accidents, such as  impact from falling objects, laminated glass can minimise injuries by  remaining as a whole, even if it cracks.

Prevents Break-Ins: Laminated glass acts as  a formidable deterrent against break-ins. Intruders find it challenging to  penetrate laminated glass, as it remains intact even when cracked. This added  security layer helps protect your home and belongings, offering peace of  mind.

Noise Reduction: Laminated glass  provides excellent noise insulation, making it ideal for homes in noisy urban  areas or near traffic. The interlayer's properties help dampen sound  vibrations, creating a quieter and more comfortable living environment.


Security Enhancements: In commercial  buildings, security is of utmost importance. Laminated glass provides an  effective barrier against forced entry and break-ins. Even if the glass  cracks upon impact, it remains in place, making it difficult for intruders to  gain access. This feature is crucial for protecting valuable assets and  inventory and ensuring the safety of employees and customers.

UV Protection for Merchandise: Retail  stores, galleries, and commercial spaces often showcase merchandise sensitive  to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, such as artwork, textiles, and high-end retail  items. Laminated glass can be designed with UV-blocking properties,  preventing harmful UV rays from damaging or fading merchandise over time.  This protection helps maintain the integrity and value of displayed items,  reducing the need for replacements or refurbishments.

Automotive Industry

Car Safety: Laminated  glass is primarily used in windshields to improve car safety significantly.  In the event of an impact or collision, the laminated windshield remains  intact, preventing the glass from shattering into dangerous shards and reducing  the risk of injuries to the vehicle's occupants. It also helps keep the  driver and passengers inside the vehicle, enhancing their safety during  accidents.

Reduces Road Noise: Laminated  glass effectively dampens sound vibrations, resulting in a quieter cabin  environment. Reducing road noise, wind noise, and external disturbances  enhances driving comfort and reduces fatigue. Passengers can enjoy  conversations, music, and phone calls with less interference from external  sounds.

 Experience the Benefits of Laminated Glass for  Yourself

Incorporating laminated glass into various aspects of our  lives, from residential to commercial and even in automobiles, has  revolutionised safety, security, and comfort in these spaces.

Whether you're seeking protection from break-ins, UV  radiation, or simply a more serene and peaceful environment, laminated glass  is the versatile solution you've been looking for. Elevate your surroundings  with the unmatched advantages of laminated glass, and experience peace of  mind like never before. 

As Auckland's double-glazing specialist,  Atlas Glass features a wide range of glass options for your needs—from windows  to art projects. Our in-house glass oven allows us to craft custom laminate  pieces according to your design. Contact  us today to find out how we can help you with a suitable glazing  solution.

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