November 5, 2018

How to Properly Maintain Your Windows

The best way to keep your windows in top condition is to keep them clean. While many people think that this is a simple job, doing it well requires the right tools, and a well-informed technique. No matter what window design you’re working with, cleaning them correctly is a huge step toward extending their lifespan. Cleaning windows improperly can wind up looking unattractive at best, or damaging them at worst. Today, we’ll take a close look at how to best approach the job.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

Here’s what you’ll need to get it done quickly and effectively:

Window Washer

A proper window washer is a lifesaver. It’s worth tracking one down – the kind that uses a removable microfiber cloth on a T-bar. Many people who avoid washing windows do so because they associate the chore with the frustration of trying to wash entire windows with just paper towels. A proper window-washer makes the job quicker, easier, and allows you to reach high up windows safely.


A squeegee is a rubber bladed tool, used for clearing a window of the leftover cleaning solution. They can generally come apart, so you can clean or replace the blade itself.

Cleaning Product

Cleaning solutions are generally mixed with water, rather than used straight.


Finally, you’ll need something to keep your cleaning products in! It’s best to use a clean bucket – any dirt or grime in it before you start will be transferred onto the window that you’re trying to clean.

Apply Your Technique

Now that you’ve got your tools in order, it’s time to learn what it takes to clean your windows correctly.

Mix your Cleaning Solution

Start by getting the right ratio of cleaning solution to water in your bucket. Most people tend to assume it won’t matter how much water to cleaning solution they use, but following the manufacturer’s recommendations on the packaging can make more of a difference than you realize!

Soak Your Windows

When you begin to use the window washer to gently scrub the solution onto the glass, be sure not to miss any corners. Don’t worry scrubbing for a long time – one or two coats is fine. The most important part of this step is to be aware of how fast the solution is drying. You don’t want it to dry to fast and leave streaks, so you may need to wash very large windows in sections.

Dry the Glass

The last step is to use your squeegee to remove the solution. This is the step that a lot of people struggle with, so the best way to approach it is methodically. There are many different techniques that professional window cleaners use, but a way for beginners is to do one horizontal stripe from the top left corner to the top right corner, dry the squeegee with a towel, and then dry the rest of the window with downward strokes, from left to right.

Need to Know More?

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