January 7, 2018

How Top-Quality Windows Can Save You Money

When renovating or building, it can be tempting to go for what appears to be the cheaper option upfront. In the long run, it is important not to fall into this pitfall; instead, choose a window that will help you save. In this article, we’re exploring modern glass options to cut costs on your energy bills in the future.

Thermal Insulation

When it is winter, we prefer to keep the heat indoors. When it is summer, we prefer to keep the heat outdoors. It’s that simple. The best way to ensure that the temperature inside our homes is regulated accordingly is to choose top-quality windows that will insulate it effectively. Before the expansion of the glass industry, there was simply single pane glass. Now, there are several options to choose from.

Double Glazed

Double glazed windows are essentially two panes of glass with a layer of air separating them. As glass is a conductor of heat, it is not reliable on its own. It allows for heat to leak through, which is often why single pane houses have one eerily cold or hot room, depending on the season.

What makes double glazed glass so effective is the layer of air between the two sheets. By separating the sheets, it allows for outside energy to be reflected. What it does not reflect, it absorbs, ensuring that it does not leak inside the house.

Low-E Glass

Low-E Glass is an alternative to double glazing, although it was built with another idea in mind: to ensure the UV light does not have a harmful effect on residents, while not diminishing the strength or brightness of the incoming light.

The Verdict?

Both Low-E Glass and double glazed windows come highly recommended as top-quality windows that can save you money in the long run. Keeping the temperature regulated will steadily lower your energy bill.

Noise Reduction

Is noise constantly around you? Perhaps you live near a school, loud neighbours or an airport. Maybe the sound of the 7 am traffic wakes you up when you’d rather sleep in. In all of these scenarios, the issue is not just with the noise – rather, that the noise has made its way into your home.

The solution is acoustic glass. Acoustic glass was specially developed with noise in mind and is used in a variety of places, from schools to airports.

How Does It Work?

Acoustic glass works by absorbing and diminishing the noise through its panes and layers. Decreasing the amount of noise that enters your house will decrease stress, distractions and anxiety while increasing your quality of life.

Cost-Efficient Windows

One of the most vital aspects of these windows is their ability to save you money in the long run. Their value will increase the value of your home in general, while also decreasing the amount written on your energy bill. Just as eyes are the window to the soul – windows are at the heart of a home, and choosing top-quality windows makes for a solid and knowledgeable investment.

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Modern glass is an incredible way to save money, while also giving significant benefits to your home. Atlas Glass offers a variety of modern glass products for both upgrades and instalments. If you have any questions about our services, or if you would be interested in receiving a free quote, feel free to contact us.

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