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June 27, 2019

Glazing 101: Know Your Windows

Double glazed windows are an enormous advancement in modern window technology. They offer a number of advantages for homeowners - from making your homes more comfortable and convenient, to saving you a ton of money on heating bills in the long run.

But what about triple, or even quadruple glazed windows? Yes, these exist – though often the layman is unaware of them. Today, we tackle the science behind glazing and discuss the differences of a double, triple, and quadruple glazing, and the reasons why you might consider each kind.

Double Glazed Windows

Let’s start off with the most basic option – double glazing. Double glazing in New Zealand is the optimal choice for our general climates, although that can vary from region to region. The way they work is fairly simple: glaziers construct a double-glazed window by placing two panes of glass – of which there are various kinds – into a single frame. The gap between these two panes is then filled with air - or an insulating gas, like argon - in order to prevent drafts, and the direct transfer of heat through the window.

Double-glazed windows are great at keeping your home comfortable, no matter the weather. They help keep your home warm during the winter, and cool in the summer, because heat on either side of the glass has to work much harder to move through all of the layers. Two panes of glass per window cut your heat loss by half in winter, and prevent twice as much heat from entering your home in the summer. It’s an all-around great way to balance out your home’s internal environment. Double glazed windows can also play the role of reducing noise, improving security, and replacing thermal drapes. On top of all of that, they also provide easy maintenance.

Triple Glazed Windows

A triple glazed window, on the other hand, contains not just two but three layers of glass, also separated by air gaps to provide high levels of heat retention. They are equipped with high insulation performance and have been a popular choice for homeowners in colder climates.

Also offering an extensive array of benefits, triple glazed windows are one of the best options for homeowners who experience extreme weather. These windows are resistant to condensation and reduce sound transmission even more than their double-layered counterparts, and the three layers of glass provide greater security.

Quadruple Glazed Windows

Quadruple-glazed windows have become an increasing trend, especially in Nordic countries where the temperature is significantly colder than most other countries. These ultra-insulated window systems are easy products to sell, as they are generally only sought-after in climates that more closely resemble Antarctica than Malibu.

The Impact of Glazing

So, you may be wondering which of these options to pick – they all seem to do a fantastic job! Though all have great benefits to keeping your homes warm during winter and cool during summer, there are two main things to consider when making your choice: weight, and your climate. Increasing the degree of your window glazing inherently means more window panes, making each individual window heavier with the additions. This makes them potentially more difficult to build for, and install.

You also have to consider the climate. Triple and quadruple-glazed windows are typically more expensive, and may constitute an over-investment if you live in warmer climes. However, if your weather resembles the Arctic, then triple or quadruple-glazed windows may be right for you.

Make the smartest, most efficient choice for your home.

Replacing everything all at once can be a little bit daunting, and we certainly don’t blame you. Talk to us about your options around retrofit double glazing, which can alter your existing windows, thus saving you both money and hassle. Atlas Glass can provide glazing design choices that are ideal for your home. We specialise in retrofit double glazing for timber joinery, upgrading your windows for a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Get in touch today!

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