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March 1, 2019

Five Advantages to Retrofit Double Glazing

When it comes to retrofit double glazing, houses in New Zealand stand to benefit more than most. Almost two-thirds of NZ houses were built during the 70s or earlier, and many of them didn’t need to comply with mandatory insulation guidelines. This means most houses in New Zealand still have single pane windows, which retain less heat and are less energy efficient. It’s no wonder so many older NZ homes tend to feel cold and damp.

Windows are usually the weakest point in your home’s insulation, and underperforming windows are the leading cause of both heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, both of which make your home uncomfortable and expensive.

When a new home is built these days, double-glazing is mandated, as it’s much easier to integrate while a house is being built. But building new homes isn’t the answer to New Zealand’s housing woes. We also need to put effort into updating older housing, which still makes up the majority of all homes in the country.

It can be harder to justify retrofit double-glazing in older homes, so let’s dive into 0the five biggest reasons why it’s worth it.

1. They improve your quality of living.

The most obvious benefit for retrofit double glazing is the improvements to your home’s energy efficiency. Beyond that, though, there are a number of options for updating your windows that can improve the quality of life in your home in ways you might not initially expect.

For example, retrofit double glazing might involve replacing the pane of glass that is already in place, or it could involve just placing a second pane of glass behind the existing one. Both options improve insulation, but the latter also increases soundproofing. This is largely because there is more opportunity to insulate the frame itself, and it is easier to increase the size of the vacuum between the panes of glass, which is a major factor in how much soundproofing the window will offer you.

2. Save historic windows

As previously mentioned, a majority of retrofit double glazing is carried out on older windows. Many of these may be heritage pieces that need preservation. Retrofit double glazing is the perfect option for retaining the style and feel of your home, while bringing it into the modern era and making it more liveable. If you want to keep the character of your home, but need to update it, retrofitting is the way to go.

3. Improve sustainability

As far as environmental concerns go, retrofitting can be a huge step toward sustainability for a few key reasons.

First, choosing not to entirely replace your old windows is less wasteful, and saves your original pane of glass winding up in the landfill. Second, the better your home’s insulation works, the less you run your heater or air conditioning, which saves on your energy bill and your carbon footprint.

4. Boost property value

If you plan to sell at some point, retrofitting existing windows is a great way to drive up the value of your house with minimal investment. It makes sense – everyone wants to live in a home that’s comfortable, and improving the thermal efficiency of your windows makes your space somewhere that is comfortable and peaceful not just for you, but for potential buyers too.

5. Custom options available

Finally, retrofitted double glazing doesn’t come in just one size – it can be cut to fit the window that needs it – ranch doors, awning windows, etc. It works for both timber and aluminium frames, and there is always a way to integrate it successfully, no matter the shape or aesthetic of your window.

Is retrofit double glazing for you?

Double glazed windows are the secret to a year-round comfortable home, lower power bills, reduced impact on the planet and a higher market price for your home. If you have old windows you want to preserve, but it’s time for your home to modernise, talk to the experts here at Atlas Glass. We have over four decades of experience in the greater Auckland area, so if you need a glazier that knows double glazing inside and out, come to us first.

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