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July 26, 2021

Timber vs. Aluminium: Why Timber Windows Are Superior

Whether you own a historic villa or a new contemporary property, timber double glazed windows are  a fantastic design addition to consider for your exterior.

While many businesses and homeowners may choose aluminium window joinery over timber due to its lower price, what does that mean for them in the long run? Here, we discuss the benefits of timber window framing over aluminium frames, revealing why you should choose them for your home.

Benefits of Timber

While aluminium is designed to embellish your home with a more modern appearance, the classic style of timber window frames will bring a timeless beauty to any home or business property.

Aside from the stunning way timber embellishes the appearance of a home or office’s architecture, there are many practical advantages of wooden framing as well. For instance, wood is a natural insulator. Using timber framing for your windows will therefore mean your home is better equipped to keep the heat from escaping during chilly weather, making for a noticeably warmer and cosier dwelling—with potentially less electricity spent on heating bills, too.

Additionally, if maintained and cared for properly, timber can last a lifetime while bringing a touch of natural beauty to your building. Unlike aluminium, timber is easily painted too, meaning that you can tailor it to your home, no matter the colour.

With this in mind, timber window frames are a superior choice of material, not only in style but in their practical design, as using wooden joinery with double glazing will further maximise the sustainability and overall value of a property.

Disadvantages of Timber

Though a fantastic choice, there are disadvantages to keep in mind when choosing timber joinery for your windows. One obvious disadvantage when it comes to having any wooden structures in your home is the possibility of rot. When timber structures are affected by it, rot can severely impact the structural integrity of a frame or building.

Luckily, there are ways you can prevent this danger, and avoid the possibility of losing your window frames to rot. By re-treating the wood every few years, you can keep it strong and maintain its beauty and value for a lifetime. While this may seem a little inconvenient, a little regular maintenance will make all the difference and ensure your beautiful timber windows last.

Besides the concern of rot, the main issue for most homeowners is the price of timber. From our experience, while timber window frames may cost more than aluminium, the overall long-lasting quality you receive from your investment greatly outweighs the initial expense. If you look after the wood, you’re investing in a timeless and practical feature to accent your home and increase its value in the long haul.

Timber Comes Out on Top

Though both materials have their pros and cons, timber offers both design freedom and practicality too. Wood never goes out of style, and with a bit of up-keep every few years, it’ll be part of your home forever. Keeping warmth in your home is crucial over winter, and Atlas Glass can help you by retrofit double glazing your existing timber frames or providing double glazing for your new timber joinery. To learn more, contact us today.

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