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December 22, 2021

The Benefits of Upgrading Windows in Your New Home

You’ve just made the shift to your new home and the move, booked with Wise Move, went better than expected! Stress-free moving is finally possible now that you can get multiple quotes from highly professional moving companies in one convenient and easy-to-use place. 

Now it’s time to think about more wise moves you should consider in your new home to save money and add value.

So, here you are, sitting in your lounge—and you’re noticing a few things that you didn’t see pre-purchase. One of the biggest issues drawing your attention is the state of your windows. If you’re thinking of upgrading windows in your new home to timber double-glazed windows, here is a quick list of the benefits to help you make an informed decision.

1. Safe & Secure

One of the main benefits of upgraded and modern windows is the security aspect. With upgraded windows, not only are your precious assets safer from opportunist burglars who are constantly on the prowl and can spot a gap from a mile away, it keeps you and your family safe as well. 

If you’re living on your own, you should feel safe and be safe. So, on top of upgraded windows, make sure to install burglar alarms and check that your doors are secure, too.

And remember, just like your doors, your windows also need to be secure with proper locks.

2. Energy Efficiency | Money in Your Pocket

Aging takes its toll on all of us and the same can be said for old windows. Old windows that haven’t been well-maintained or that have just experienced the usual aging component will be draughty, letting all the warm air out and the cold air in.

This might not be such a big issue in the warmer months but certainly, in the colder months, your energy bills will hike if you’re not insulating well so you’ll save money in the long run with new windows.

New Zealand has heavy rainfall and not only in winter. We all know the saying, “four seasons in one day.” If your windows aren’t in a good state, not only are they going to be draughty, but they’ll also be vulnerable to leaks from rainfall coming into your home, possibly damaging the sills, walls, and even flooring due to excess water.

3. Silence is Golden

Another benefit of upgrading your windows in your new home is the noise factor.  Lovely, new windows block out all unwanted noise, from the undesirable car enthusiast down the road who likes to rev up his motor at 5:00 am on his way to work, or the house across the street who loves to play their bass “boom boom” music every Saturday night. New windows are your weapon against unwanted noise, leaving you feeling peaceful and content in your new happy place.

4. Just the Way We Like It - Low Maintenance

New windows are a lot lower maintenance than old windows.  A quick wipe now and then and a nice window clean every other time will keep your windows looking fantastic. There is nothing like looking out of new, clean windows; it’s amazing how satisfying that feeling is!

We know you’ve just settled in but the curb appeal that new windows offer you is worth the effort. As an expert glass company in Auckland, we know how big of a difference new glass can make to a home. Not only does it make your property look stunning in the neighbourhood, but your new neighbours will be over the moon with how good you’ve made them all look too.

When you’re ready to install new windows, give us a call to discuss the details, and when you’re about to plan a move, contact the team at Wise Move because moving with them is the wisest move you’ll make.

Give the experts a call

Our team are specialists at retrofit double glazing and double glazing for timber joinery so when you're ready to install new windows, give us a call to discuss the details. And when you're about to plan a move, contact the team at Wise Move, because moving with them is the wisest move you'll make.

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