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August 22, 2023

Pet Door Retrofitting: Can You Put a Pet Door in a Glass Door?

A pet brings  immense joy and companionship into any household, but it also comes with  responsibilities. One such responsibility is providing your furry friend with  easy outdoor access for bathroom breaks, exercise, and exploration. This  responsibility is where a pet door can be a game-changer. However, many pet  owners are often hesitant about installing pet doors and ask local Auckland glaziers whether you can put a pet  door in a glass door.

The good news is  that pet door retrofitting is a viable solution that allows you to install a  pet door in your existing glass door. In this blog post, we will explore pet  door retrofitting, the types of glass you can do this with, and the pros and  cons of this option.

What is Pet Door Retrofitting?

Pet door  retrofitting is installing a pet door into an existing door, such as a glass  door, without compromising its structural integrity or aesthetics. Unlike  traditional pet doors installed in walls or standard wooden doors, retrofitting  a pet door into glass requires specific considerations to ensure a secure and  functional installation.

Types of Glass That Can Be Used

Not all glass  doors are suitable for retrofitting a pet door. The type of glass plays a  crucial role in determining whether it can accommodate a pet door. Generally,  you can consider the following glass types for retrofitting:

Tempered  Glass 

This type of  glass is highly durable and heat-treated to enhance strength. Tempered glass  is considered one of the best options for retrofitting a pet door because of  its sturdiness and resistance to breakage.

Double-Glazed  Glass

Double-glazed  glass doors have two glass panels separated by an insulating space. These  doors can accommodate pet door installations in the glass panel without  affecting the door's insulating properties.

Low-E  Glass

Low-E (Low  Emissivity) glass helps reduce heat transfer and is common in  energy-efficient doors and windows. It is essential to ensure that the pet  door installation does not compromise the insulating properties of the Low-E  glass.

Laminated  Glass

Laminated  glass consists of multiple layers with an interlayer that holds them  together, providing extra strength and safety. Installing a pet door in laminated  glass is possible, but professional installation is crucial to maintain its  integrity. 

Pros of Pet Door Retrofitting

Installing a pet door in glass offers many benefits to  homeowners, including:

Convenience for Pets

Retrofitting glass with a pet door allows for easy and  independent access for your pets. Your fur baby can go outside whenever they  need to relieve themselves or play.

Aesthetically Pleasing

There's no need to worry about your pet door looking shabby.  When professionally installed, a pet door installed in a glass door  seamlessly blends with the existing design, preserving the aesthetics of your  home.

Saves Energy

Many manufacturers design modern pet doors with energy  efficiency in mind. Nowadays, these doors feature weatherproof seals that  help maintain indoor temperatures, thus reducing energy costs.

No Structural Change

You don't need to worry about impacting the existing  structure of your home. Retrofitting eliminates the need for significant  alterations to your home, making it a reversible and non-intrusive option.

Cons of Pet Door Retrofitting

While there are many benefits to retrofitting a pet door,  there are a few things to consider before committing to the process. These  include:


Retrofitting a pet door into a glass door is typically  more expensive than installing one in a traditional door or wall. The higher  cost is due to the specialised nature of the installation.

Security Concerns

Intruders can potentially exploit pet doors to gain access  to your home. However, many modern pet doors have security features such as  locking mechanisms to address this concern.

Potential Glass Damage

The installation process involves cutting into the glass,  which can weaken it. Therefore, professional installation by a glazier in  Auckland or your region is vital to minimise the risk of damage.

Restrictions in Rental Properties

If you live in a rental property, the landlord may not permit  modifications like retrofitting a pet door in the glass door. If you rent,  it's vital to consult with your landlord to discuss pet door retrofitting.

Work with Auckland's Glass Specialists

Pet door retrofitting is a practical solution for pet  owners who want to provide their furry companions with easy outdoor access  through a glass door. With the right type of glass and professional  installation, you can ensure your pet door's safety, convenience, and  aesthetic appeal.

While you must consider some drawbacks, the benefits of  retrofitting a pet door often outweigh the cons, making it a worthwhile  investment in your pet and home. For the best result, do thorough research,  consult with professionals, and choose a high-quality design that suits your  needs and your pet's size and habits.

 If you are looking toretrofit double glazing in Aucklandto  install a pet door, get in touch with the Atlas Glass team. We will  assess your needs and supply the products you need on time and at competitive  prices.

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