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July 26, 2021

Condensation 101: How Double Glazing Can Help

With Auckland’s unpredictable climate and wet, cold winters, it’s hard to avoid condensation building up on windows around the home. Unfortunately, constantly wet surfaces are more prone to growing mouldy, and trying to heat wet homes during winter will not only give you larger power bills to deal with, but it can also affect the health of your home and family.

If you’re wondering what condensation really is, and what you can do about condensation in your home, then this blog post is for you. Here, we break down the fundamentals of condensation, explaining what it is and why it occurs on your windows. We also explore how double glazing benefits homes by reducing condensation and making your home more comfortable, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient!

What is Condensation and Where Does it Come From?

Every year when winter rolls around, many of us pull up our blinds in the morning to find a cold window covered in frost, with water droplets pooling on the sill. This is condensation—but what is window condensation, and why does it happen?

Condensation is formed when moisture in the air comes into contact with a cold surface. Single pane windows are a prime location for condensation to build because they do not hold heat, sticking closer to the temperature outside your home. As we heat rooms in our house to combat the chill of winter, moisture in the air also heats up, reaching a “dew point”—a temperature at which the water vapour condenses, turning into the water droplets on our windows.

Certain areas of our homes are also more prone to condensation such as kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where moisture or humidity tends to build. Essentially, the colder the temperature is outside, the higher the likelihood of condensation accumulating inside.

How Can Double Glazing Reduce Condensation?

When it comes to choosing the best glass for your windows, double glazing is an excellent option to consider. Double glazing is made of two glass layers sealed together as an insulated unit, with a layer of gas separating the panes. This thermal break between the two panes of glass is a key feature of double glazing. Not only does it prevent heat from passing through the window, but the inner glass pane also stays closer to the internal temperature of the room, reducing the chance of humid air condensing on cold surfaces.

Double glazing is a very eco-friendly method of insulating, keeping your family cosy, warm, and dry in winter, and cool in summer. Combined with effective ventilation, double glazing offers the ultimate solution for moisture-prone homes. Pair that with the high thermal resistance of timber window joinery and you will reduce the effects of condensation further still, providing a healthier indoor environment with minimum heat loss and lower electricity bills.

Keep out the cold this winter with high-quality double glazing from Atlas Glass

Ready to lock out the frost and cold from your home for good? With the insulating properties of double-glazed window solutions from Atlas Glass and an effective home ventilation system, your home will stay dryer, warmer, and more comfortable all winter.

If you’re looking for double glazing in Auckland and want to ensure your family home is healthy, warm, and dry. Contact our friendly team today to discuss effective window solutions for your home!

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