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August 30, 2019

The Most Incredible Glass Sculptures in the World

If you think that modern glass is only used for practical residential and commercial applications, then you might be pleasantly surprised to find out it’s also used as an art form. We scouted around the globe in search of some of the best glass sculptures, so sit back and let us take you through our favourites!

Glass Microbiology - Luke Jerram

One of the most interesting pieces of glass art comes from Luke Jerram. Since 2004, the artist has been turning viruses and minuscule pathogens into unique and otherworldly glass sculptures. His concept of sculpting something that is usually invisible to the naked eye has brought an entirely new dimension to the layman’s understanding of your average bacteriophage. It’s one thing to read about these types of viruses, but it’s another thing entirely to see what they actually look like! Who knew these deadly bacteria had unnatural shapes with sharp, weapon-like edges. From representations of swine flu to Ebola, Jerram’s made-to-scale glass sculptures are spine-tingling, yet very original!

Cascade - Sergio Redegalli

Sergio Redegalli is the creative mind behind Cascade – a glass sculpture displayed in the Adelaide Botanic Garden. In 1988 he was commissioned to provide a piece for the World Expo being held in Brisbane at the time, with the theme of “Leisure in the Age of Technology”. Taking an interesting view of this theme, Redegalli produced a sculpture that would have been nearly impossible without the aid of technology, which symbolises the leisurely fall of a wave. The astonishing 12-ton glass sculpture has 500 precision-cut pieces of 6mm clear glass, all glued together to create the illusion of a cascading wave.

Cold Glass - Jack Storms

Jack Storms is one of the more contemporary artists who has already made his mark in the history books of glass artistry. Inspired by the Fibonacci principle, he has developed an incredibly rare type of glass artwork that takes 24 labour-intensive weeks to complete. The process includes cutting a core of lead crystal, then polishing and laminating it to create reflective mirrors. It is then wrapped in optical glass to create a rainbow-colour effect when light passes through. It then goes through hours and hours of repetitive grinding, cutting, and polishing to create the smooth end result you see above. Because of his incredibly unique work, his glass art has been commissioned for the President of Nigeria, while two of his glass artworks also appeared in the hit Marvel franchise film “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Knitted Glasswork - Carol Milne

Carol Milne is famous for her unique and intricate Knitted Glasswork. It was in 2006 that she discovered her fascination for knitting, mould-making, and kiln-casting, and by combining these she created the award-winning Knitted Glass. Her work claimed the Silver Award at the 2010 International Exhibition of Glass in Kanazawa, Japan. Her work is absolutely fascinating; by creating the traditional looping patterns of a knitted piece with melting glass, she has created something entirely unseen in the modern world of glass work. She has said that her work is inspired by the image of society. “I see my knitted work as a metaphor for social structure. Individual strands are weak and brittle on their own, but deceptively strong when bound together.”

Kolonihavehus - Tom Fruin

Not exactly an entirely glass sculpture, but this work deserves a spot on our list: Kolonihavehus by Brooklyn-based artist, Tom Fruin. The work is an installation made from 1000 pieces of salvaged plexiglass and scrap metal, which have been reworked into a colourful glass house with indoor lighting. As a “3D evolution” of his previous work with salvaged drug-bags, his work proves that you can still make something great and beautiful even from scrap. Truly, one man’s trash is treasure to another. Tom Fruin’s work is now exhibiting in Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York.

Stained glass windows of Sainte-Chapelle

One of the best-preserved medieval masterpieces in Europe is the Sainte-Chapelle. It’s located in the Palais de la Cité, the old royal palace of the kings and queens of France. The chapel’s window design is one of the city’s highlights, and is regarded as a glorious masterwork that transcends time. You wouldn’t have guessed that it was made in the 1240s, as its stained-glass windows are intricately made to depict biblical, local, and political stories. With 15 panes standing at 15 metres high each, these beloved moments in history are truly a sight to behold. There are 1,130 biblical figures depicted in the glass spread over its huge windows, and one large rose window. It is a true testament to the beauty that will result from dedicated time, energy, and belief in a greater idea.

The art of great windows

Glass windows are a versatile instrument that can be used for religious ornamentation, an art form, or your home’s ventilation and insulation! At Atlas Glass, we make sure to provide only the best glazing services to complete your stunning home. We are experiencedAuckland glaziers who can take care of your home’s retrofit double glazing and timber joinery glazing for a home you can call your functional piece of art. Contact us to learn more.

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