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June 5, 2019

How to Choose the Right Window Design for Your Home

Window design often remains disregarded when building one’s home. However, taking special consideration when choosing your window treatments can really add value and sophistication to your home, and even the quality of your life. Choosing the right kind of windows up front offers numerous benefits for you and your family, and today we go through some of the ideal options you can look into when you’re choosing a suitable window design.

Natural Light

Window designs that allow natural light in are always a plus. Well-lit rooms automatically create a warm and inviting atmosphere and reduce the need to use artificial lighting. Wall windows are great because they give you and your guests an expanded view of the environment, and allows the most sunlight in.

UV-inhibiting windows are a great option for maximizing large or wall windows that allow natural light in, as they prevent harmful ultraviolet radiation from entering your home, while still promoting stunning natural light and views.


As any experienced Auckland glazier will tell you, room temperature is a critical factor in any home, and your windows can have a significant effect on how well the house retains heat. Choose the appropriate design for your locale – the right glass will have a significant contribution to your home’s temperature. Double glazed windows can increase a room’s comfort levels as it can make your rooms warmer during winter and cooler in summer, and triple or quadruple-paned windows only maximise this effect.


Just because you’re living indoors does not mean that you have to be entirely disconnected from the beauty of the outside world. Windows are our portals to the views and light that suffuse the outdoors, and our eyes are naturally drawn to what’s on display, which in turn makes your room feel larger and more inviting.

It’s important to consider what particular window design and window placement will maximise the lovely scenery of the outside. Wall windows enhance the connection between indoor and outdoor, as they create an instant backdrop. This connection improves comfort and calmness, and can affect your overall mood on a day-to-day basis.

Form and Function

The specific function of each room of the house is an important factor when it comes to choosing the window design. Different rooms will require windows that suit their specific needs. For example, kitchens can make the most from double-hung windows when they get a little too stuffy from cooking, as double-hung windows allow the hot air to escape out of the top, and cooler air to enter through the bottom.

Double hung windows are also great to use in kids’ rooms, as the design prioritises safety. The top of the window can be lowered for ventilation, and the bottom half can be left closed.

Upgrade your windows to upgrade your life

Always choose to work with professionals to get the best quality windows that are a good fit for you and your home. Here at Atlas Glass we pride ourselves on giving you windows that will improve your quality of life. From retrofit double glazing, to timber joinery glazing, Atlas makes it all possible. We provide glazing for a number of timber joiners throughout Auckland, and are proficient in all of the latest methods. Give us a call today!

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