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June 22, 2022

Styles of Windows From Around the World

As a double-glazing company that offers the full spectrum of glass solutions, we’re passionate about all things windows! Today, we explore different styles of windows from around the world so you can taste the variety available to you.

For all the corners of the world, there are particular window styles to match. With one rounded arch, you can find yourself reminiscent of a canal cruise down stunning Venetian waterways, or perhaps straight-cased French glazing sends you sailing the Riviera?

Find a little inspiration from across the globe with some exquisite and slightly exotic window styles to suit your space. Whether you’re after the gilded louvres of India or sunny haciendas from Seville, globe-trot every day with these windows from the world.

Venetian Gothic Windows Have Style & Attitude

There are few styles of windows that are so recognisable as the windows of Venice. Thought to be born as a hybrid of styles that hark from the Middle East to France and Spain, Venetian Gothic Windows are ornately beautiful, especially when adorned with boxes spilling with spring blooms!

Venetian Gothic Windows are characterised by their arch, which sits at a pointed peak at the top of the frame. Though it might sound like a nightmare to glaze, the point is a structural feature in which a simple half-circle of glass window can be comfortably installed.

Add a little romance with a style of window that is at once simple, but intriguing to look at!

Say Hola to Hacienda-Style Windows

A popular choice throughout the Spanish Colonial Era, hacienda-style windows also feature a curved top, but it is a gentle curve that starts from a wider frame base. Hacienda windows are usually scattered among French casement-style windows. This hodgepodge of window styles creates a sense of whimsy that is reminiscent of lazy Spanish summers and shining rays filtering throughout the home.

Built for warmer climates, hacienda windows offer light-filled rooms that capitalise on the sun’s lower rays to capture the best of the golden hour.

French Casement Windows for Class & Chic Style

French casement windows epitomise classic style for a design that complements rooms of almost any size or shape. The signature feature of a French casement is the double sashes which can swing open like a French door.

From a design point of view, they have angular struts that form neat boxes. They can be a bold statement with thick frames or convey a more subtle strength with soft white, cream, or pastel finishes.  If you want a simple design that can hold its own and create a sense of mise en scene, French casements might be the window choice for you.

Stay Traditionally English With Single Hung Sashes

If a simple and practical style is best, single-hung sashes will never be thrown out the window. Invented by Robert Hooke, English single-hung sashes invite fresh air as the bottom pane slides up to meet its above counterpart and can be cracked as much or as little as you like.

It’s simple, which makes it perfect for double glazing, or even for timber joinery glazed windows that keep the home warm and quiet. The single sashes’ simplicity also means more room for fun window treatments such as blinds and shutters.

Add Flair From the Middle East With Ogee Frames

Ogee frames are like Venetian Gothic frames but have more of a curvaceous flair to their tip. Stemming from a rectangular base, the decorative tip is made through s-shaped lines that join to create a perfectly symmetrical arch.

If you’ve ventured to the Middle East, this particular style of window is a popular choice and can add a point of difference to a room. 

Quatrefoils are the Perfect Accent Window

Windows don’t have to be the main source of light in the room. Instead, a perfectly placed quatrefoil window can add flair and panache to an otherwise staid room.

Quatrefoils are the outline of four overlapping circles. Some also add pointed elements as an extra design flair. They also are a Latin symbol of good luck and are great placed strategically above or beside larger windows or smaller walls where it wouldn’t make sense to place windows.

Find the Glass to Fit Your Window

Once you’ve found the perfect frame and style of window to suit your space, it’s time to get it glazed. Atlas Glass offers a quality glass supply in Auckland and can find you the glazing solution to make your windows sing. Get in touch with the team at Atlas Glass to get a service that suits you, at a great price.

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