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June 21, 2022

How to Winter-Proof Your Windows

The cooler months can be delightfully cosy, especially if you take the time to winter-proof your windows! After the ceiling space, windows are the main culprits of heat loss in the home, responsible for around 15-20% of overall warmth escaping to the great outdoors. Additionally, windows love a little condensation, another unwelcome winter visitor.

Luckily, we have a few easy tips and tricks to get your windows, and your home, ready for winter. From double glazing to quality window treatments, here’s how to prepare your windows for winter.

Double Glaze Windows for Warm, Quiet, & Dry Homes

Double-glazed windows in Auckland have been a basic necessity overseas for decades, but the two-pane tactic is only just starting to become basic building practice in New Zealand.

Double-glazing, or even triple-glazing, means there are multiple panes of glass that sits within a single window frame. This creates air pockets between the frames which trap heat, holding in the warm air and keeping out the cold. It’s an insulation barrier that will not only keep your home toasty but will also save you money on heating bills!

Multi-glazed windows not only help with heat but also help to keep condensation at bay. The air pockets create a buffer between your home and the outside, meaning there is a less dramatic temperature change on the glass from the outside to the inside. This reduces the likelihood of condensation and means the home can remain dry of droplets.

Treat Your Windows Right

One of the best ways to winter-proof your home is by having good window treatments. No, this doesn’t mean giving them compliments! It means adding curtains will thermal-lining or using the right blind materials in the bathroom, kitchen, or any other high-moisture space.

Thermal-Backed Curtains

Thermal-backed curtains are multi-layered, with a lining of acrylic foam to help keep out the cold and keep in the heat. They tend to be quite heavy, which helps in their mission to block out any unwanted drafts or cool air that can cool down the home. As a bonus, they also work to block out light, which makes winter hibernation a little easier.

Roman or Venetian Blinds

Windows should have some sort of covers to keep the cold at bay. Since the bathroom and kitchen tend to be quite high in moisture, having PVC or another hardy synthetic material is a good choice.

Roman or Venetian blinds are some of the best choices for window coverings. They can be opened and closed, pulled up, or rolled down as you wish, which means you can control the airflow easier and combat condensation by letting hot air and steam escape.

Try Thermal Glass

Thermal glass is a great way to add a little extra layer of warmth to your windows.

Thermal glass can be an overlaid laminate or low E glass. Either way, they’re great to reduce sound, can control the sun’s rays bouncing around your home, and fit with almost any pane of glass.

Seal the Cracks & Crevices

Cracks and crevices can be sneaky paths through which heat can escape. It may not seem like much, but if there are multiple gaps and cracks in the windows throughout your house, you can start to lose a serious amount of heat.

To combat the cracks, grab some caulk or sealant from your local hardware store and get filling! It won’t take long, and it’s a simple fix to not only stave away the cold but make your windows last longer! Juddering frames or loose settings can compromise the glass, so secure the glass with sealant for a win/win situation!

Do a Thorough Crack, Pane, & Frame Check

It pays to go through your house once a year with a keen eye for any cracks, broken frames, or chipped windows. This way you can get on top of a small issue before it becomes a big one, as well as ensure your windows are ready for any storms winter might throw at them.

It’s a proactive approach to winter that takes a little amount of time but can pay off in a big way.

Go Old-School with a Plush Draft Stopper

You can never go wrong with a little old-school ingenuity, and draft stoppers are still an effective way to stop breezes in their tracks. If you’re waiting on your windows to be replaced or repaired, one of these long cushions snuggled into the frame is a great interim choice to keep your home warm. They may not be the height of home décor, but they’re a little bit of fun!

Winter-Proof Your Windows with Atlas Glass

Atlas Glass can help you to winter-proof windows with a range of options to suit you. Choose from a range of timber double-glazed windows, thermal glass, and more to make sure your windows are the best they can be. We offer a free consultation and quote, so you know you’re getting a fair deal from quality glaziers. Get in touch today to learn more.

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