August 29, 2018

Reasons for Maintaining Double Glazed Units

If you’re a homeowner, it’s likely you’ve heard of double glazing. It’s a simple technique – two panes of glass with a gas-filled vacuum between them – but it’s an investment you’ll want to protect.

Looking after double-glazed windows is relatively easy, and well worth doing to protect them from wear and tear. It helps to regularly check the seals around the windows, looking for gaps or ruptures – take the time to do this whenever you clean them and you should be alright. While cleaning windows, don’t save the job for a sunny day. Cloudy days are better, as your windows could streak if they dry too quickly. Also ensure you clean them with the right products – certain cleaning products can damage the seals of your double glazing.

Keeping your house dry and ventilated will also improve the lifespan of your double glazing, and help you avoid any moisture build-up between the panes of glass – potentially leading to mould, and subsequent replacement costs.

Today, we go through some of the benefits of double glazing, and why it’s worth maintaining, or replacing if needed.

Heat retention

The most commonly known benefit of double glazing is its heat retention. The extra pane of glass and space between them helps retain much more heat within your building. This makes heating your home and keeping it warm much easier and cheaper.

Sound insulation

Living next to a noisy road, sports stadium, or loud neighbours can be a struggle, but double glazing reduces noise pollution by a significant amount. After living in a double-glazed space, you’ll be surprised at the difference in noise pollution when you visit friends or family without it.

Reduced condensation

By maintaining a stable indoor temperature, the chances of cold air meeting warm air on the inside of your windows is reduced. Choosing double glazing, along with a few other minor changes – like keeping windows uncovered by furniture – can greatly mitigate the risk of winding up with mould in your home.

Longer lasting

Single glazing can weaken with time, sometimes over only a decade or so. Modern double glazing generally lasts at least 20 years, and can last longer with proper care. Double glazing also looks better for longer – single glazing can become dirty or misted much faster over its lifetime.

Adds value

If you’re planning to renovate and sell, double glazing goes a long way to increasing the sale value of your house. Any real estate agent will agree that it makes your house worth more in the eyes of prospective buyers, and much more appealing to certain demographics, such as new families.

Can be retrofitted

If you’ve got single-glazed windows, but would like all the benefits discussed above, retrofit double glazing is absolutely an option for you. Atlas Glass provides the best double glazing NZ has ever seen, offering the greater Auckland area glass cut-to-size and installation. Contact us now for a free quote!

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