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December 8, 2017

Is Retrofitting Double Glazing a Good Idea?

Double glazed windows are all the rage for good reason, but it can be quite a hassle to install double glazing when your home is equipped with single pane windows. Thankfully, retrofitting double glazing is a viable and optimal solution!

What Is It?

Retrofitting double glazing involves removing your single pane of glass, and replacing it with a double pane. This means that instead of having one pane of glass, your window will now have two panes, separated by a thin layer of either gas or air.

Why Upgrade?

Double glazed windows aren’t in style simply because they are fashionable. They offer a variety of benefits, including:

Temperature Regulation

For houses with large window spaces, this is vital. The more single pane window space you have, the more likely it is that heat is being transferred and lost. In countries where the winters are freezing cold and the summers are boiling hot, this heat transfer can make or break a home. Single pane glasses are a great heat conductor, which means the heat simply soaks through – both in and out during summer and winter.

Double pane glass has a layer of air in between the two panes. Air is a poor conductor of heat, which allows for effective temperature regulation and very minimal heat transfer.

Your house will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, just as it should be.

Protecting Health

In more than one way, having double glazed windows promotes health. It is healthier for the environment because you won’t need to run your heating and air-conditioner as much as with single pane windows – and even better, it significantly reduces a number of problems that often come with single pane glass.

Single pane windows can lead to condensation, which occurs due to the humidity of the air inside the house. The condensation may drip down onto the floorboards or form on the wall, which leads to floorboard rotting, mould and potential health problems such as asthma.

With double glazed glass, these things simply don’t happen. Condensation doesn’t occur because of the layer of air, and therefore mould has no ability to grow and form.

Saving You Money

No matter how much you run the air-con, the house never seems to reach an ideal temperature. The more you try to control the temperature, the more you spend. Does this sound familiar? This may be because your house is fitted with single layer windows. Double glazed windows do not lead to the same budget strain. Although they may be slightly more expensive upfront, they will help you save money on your energy bills by regulating your temperature.

Completely replacing your windows is not your only option. Retrofitting will give you the same benefits as double-glazed windows without the entire replacement process and at an affordable price.

If your home has many large window spaces, retrofitting double glazed windows is likely to be a great fit for you without breaking your budget.

The Best Upgrade You Could Give Your Home

Retrofitting your windows is a vital action that will give you benefits across a variety of aspects, from health to style. If you have any questions about retrofitting or double glazed windows, or if you would be interested in receiving a free quote, please contact us at Atlas Glass.



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