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April 28, 2023

5 Inspiring Window Shape Ideas

Window shapes are incredibly multifaceted. From run-of-the-mill square and rectangular windows to geometric octagonal and curved irregular ones, window shape designs come in many forms. With creativity and a little inspiration, the shape of your windows can enhance the overall aesthetic of your home. We discuss different window shapes and how to choose a suitable one for your home.

1. Arched

A timeless feature perfected by the Romans, the elegant curves of an arched window draw the eye and offer visual appeal. Ideal for Mediterranean and Gothic-style homes, you can use arched window shapes to frame a gorgeous view of the outdoors or accentuate a feature and let in plenty of natural light to any room.

2. Round

Round window shapes come in many forms — circles, ovals, semi-circles — all of which help to soften a room’s aesthetic and break the monotony of straight lines and rectangles in homes and buildings. They add a unique touch to any modern or contemporary home and are ideal for creating a cosy and inviting space. Due to their association with boats and water, round windows are a popular feature for holiday homes with nautical themes and will also work well in bathrooms.

3. Octagonal

These unique window shapes will draw the eye to any room. Ideal for modern homes with a geometric design theme, you can also use octagonal windows to create the illusion of height or width. Tall octagonal windows look gorgeous and add a distinctive flair to any living or dining room.

4. Picture Windows

Instead of sticking to traditionally smaller window placements, why not invest in a beautiful floor-to-ceiling picture window? This window shape features large, fixed windows that provide a gorgeous and unrestricted view of the outdoors. They are ideal for homes with beautiful surroundings and can create an indoor-outdoor connection to make any room in your home seem larger.

5. Custom Shapes

Custom window shapes offer unlimited possibilities to express your creativity. Incorporate your style and individuality to create a one-of-a-kind home design that speaks to you. Examples of custom window shapes include rhombuses, irregular polygons, or wavy shapes. In addition to visual appeal, you can accentuate your custom windows with different glass and frame choices for increased functionality. For example, a stained-glass window will add colour and vibrance to any living space, while villa retrofit double glazing will provide added insulation for a more comfortable home.

Create the Perfect Window for Your Home

Atlas Glass is a renowned glass company in Auckland with over 40 years of experience in the industry. We offer retrofit timber joinery and quality window glazing solutions for new builds or existing homes to increase your overall comfort and standard of living while reducing expenditure on electrical bills. Rest assured that we manufacture each product with the greatest care using only the highest quality materials for an affordable yet long-lasting solution. Contact our expert team for more information on window shapes and how we can help improve your home windows today!  

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